Dog ends up looking like an alpaca after trip to the groomers is cut short

Most of us have had a disastrous haircut in our lives.

This was recently the case for an adorable dog named Cheddar.

The shih tzu-poodle cross ended up with a half-finished haircut resembling an alpaca, after a trip to the groomers was cut short.

It seems Cheddar was far from a ‘good boy’ at the New Jersey salon, so his owner Lisa Torres was asked to come pick him up early.

The eight-year-old canine had tried to bite the groomer, so his hairdressing appointment came to an abrupt halt – resulting in an unfinished barnet.

But Cheddar’s coat had already been blow dried – so there was an enormous poof of hair on the top of his head.

Lisa said ‘When I got the call I chuckled a little and thought “oh my god, I’m on my way to pick up a lion”, and when I get there it’s the funniest thing in the world.

‘I walk into the store and I’m completely embarrassed, like “he’s not my dog, he’s a rescue dog, don’t think he’s mine.”

‘The groomer apologised and asked if I wanted to try [again], but I said “no, it’s okay, we can just go” and I completely understood because I wouldn’t want to be carrying on after I got bit [sic].’

Lisa took to Facebook to post some brilliant photos of Cheddar looking extremely smug with his new haircut, in the front seat of her car.

She added: ‘When I got into the car I just found it hilarious because he was sort of looking at me like “what’s wrong mum, this is what I was going for.”

‘I called my boyfriend and told him “I have tears in my eyes, my stomach is hurting and I can’t even pull off because Cheddar is sitting here like he’s cool but he’s not, he looks crazy.”‘

According to Lisa, Cheddar has been parading his new style happily around the house ever since.

The Facebook post has been making people smile, too, and has since racked up more than 250,000 likes.

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