DoorDash Driver Sacked After Confronting CVS Manager Over Claims She Didn't Receive Order

The internet took the driver’s side — but the company didn’t.

A DoorDash driver has been sacked after she confronted a CVS manager at work for allegedly claiming she never received her food.

The incident, which occurred in North Carolina on Wednesday night, was all recorded by the driver who grilled the customer as she was serving customers of her own.

“Excuse me — I was just wondering why you said that your food never got delivered when I handed it to you?” the driver asks the CVS employee. “That’s fraud, and now I might get charged for it.”

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The mortified wormer replies that she is serving a customer right now — who just happens to be a police officer… who quickly exits without getting involved.

“Why did you even have the nerve to come in my job, talking to me when I was with another customer?” the employee demands.

“Because you have the nerve to report your food as never been received, so I can get in trouble and have to pay for it, and lose my job,” the driver retorts.

The driver presses her to admit on camera she received her food, but the employee refuses, threatening to call the police instead.

Warning: Graphic Language

When the driver asks for a manager, the employee reveals that she is the manager, prompting the driver to jibe: “That’s a shame, CVS is hiring thieves.”

The driver continues to pursue her around the store demanding a confession, and things get heated.

“You need to get the f–k out my face, that’s what I’m waiting for you to do,” she fires. “It’s not even that serious.”

The driver disagrees, saying her expensive steak, shrimp and chicken meal is coming out of her paycheck.

“It’s fraud and it’s stealing, and now you’re trying to get me in trouble for it.”

“I don’t give a f–k — leave me alone!” the manager warns. “Do DoorDash know you’re doing this?”

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The driver replies in the affirmative, assuring her she is going to send the video to corporate — which ultimately may have been her undoing.

The cringe-y six-minute video was posted to Reddit, and immediately kicked off a debate as to who was in the wrong… with the vast majority siding with the driver.

However, the company did not see it that way, and sacked her.

“We take the safety of our community extremely seriously, and such inappropriate behavior is never tolerated on the DoorDash platform,” a spokesperson for the company told TooFab.

“Any behavior that violates this zero tolerance policy is grounds for deactivation, and we sincerely regret that this incident fell short of the experience we strive to give our customers every day.”

The spokesperson said the company had reached out to the CVS manager, and that the issue had been resolved. Due to privacy policy, they could not confirm whether the woman ever paid for the food.

While the company insist the situation is “not a frequent issue at all”, one DoorDash driver told TooFab that customers falsely claiming they didn’t receive food as a way to eat for free is a commonly-faced trick.

Customers can currently choose contactless delivery or “hand in person”, and via the DoorDash app, a driver can only complete a contactless delivery by uploading a photo of the delivered food.

While “hand in person” deliveries do not require photo evidence, the driver told TooFab that many of his colleagues use body cams, take time-stamped photos and take detailed notes to combat this very problem.

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