Dozens of New Year clubbers at TOWIE hotspot Sugar Hut left ‘violently sick’

Dozens of New Year's Eve clubbers have accused Sugar Hut of making them "violently sick" 24 hours after its event to bring in 2020.

The popular club in Brentwood – which was formerly a Towie hotspot – hosted a 'completely sold-out' New Year's event after opening under new ownership in November, Essex Live reports.

Party goers complained of vomiting and diarrhea, as well as painful stomach cramps, with some claiming they were sent home from work.

Charlotte Bareham was one of those who fell 'violently' ill after attending and said she 'couldn't keep anything down'. She suffered sickness and diarrhea on Thursday and noticed others on social media complaining about similar symptoms.

Dan Perrin, events director at the club, says the illness is a mystery since the venue doesn't serve beer on tap nor food.

Since the outcry on Twitter from punters and parents concerned over their youngster's illness, Mr Perrin has confirmed the venue is investigating complaints fully.

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He said: "Feedback from our customers is our number one priority so of course this is something we take very seriously and will look into fully over the coming week. We will say however that Sugar Hut club does not serve food, bar snacks or draft beers/wines etc.

"It is therefore quite difficult to find any common denominator at Sugar Hut at the present time but we will be speaking to those who have messaged and emailed us to try and investigate further."

He also noted that the illness could have "come from some other source as we all live in the same area".

Charlotte, who had waited for hours in a queue before getting into the club, told The Sun : "I woke up Thursday morning feeling very unwell. I was violently sick and throughout the day I couldn’t keep anything down.

"I had sickness and diarrhoea which I thought might have been food poisoning or a stomach bug and then someone I know sent me a screenshot of tweets they’d seen about people falling ill after attempting the New Year’s Eve event at Sugar Hut."

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The cause of the sickness remains unknown, but both those who drank at the venue and those who didn't have claimed to have fallen ill.

Some say they still feel sick and have had today off work too.

Niamh Mullane, from Gidea Park, attended the party with her boyfriend and a number of close friends.

The 18-year-old said: "I was drinking vodka and lemonade. I was fine until yesterday midday when I started being sick and so has my boyfriend and three of my close friends.

"I still feel very sick today and have taken the day off.

"It seemed normal, but since I've been ill I have spoken to people and it's all of my friends, plus my tweet had about 50 likes of people feeling the same way of being sick.

"I went to Sugar Hut before it closed and changed owners and 100% I won’t be going back considering how many people have been ill.

"The majority of people I spoke to were drinking but there are one or two who weren't and they are still being sick.

"We arrived at 9.30pm and didn’t get in until 10pm due to the queue to get in. I left at 1am as it was so packed and hot."

Lisa Michaels, from Grays, claims that her son, Charlie, is currently in bed after falling ill.

The 19-year-old attended the event with two of his close friends, but has experienced severe sickness in the following days.

"It only came on yesterday afternoon," Lisa said. "He was drinking vodka.

"He's been projectile vomiting and he has diarrhoea. Charlie's just in bed, he can't move.

"If he's no better by this evening, I'm going to take him to the hospital."

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One anonymous woman who also attended the event said: "Me and my friends have talked about it.

"I started feeling ill yesterday (January 2) and felt ill all day. Then I threw up multiple times in the late afternoon.

"After the hour queue outside in the freezing cold to actually get inside, we were there between three and four hours."

Karen, whose daughter was at the party, claims her daughter has suffered sickness and diarrhoea.

"My daughter is so ill with sickness and diarrhoea, as are her friends that were with her. There are many identical stories being posted on Twitter.

"Many are blaming the drink but my daughter did not fight to get to the bar to pay £7 for a drink so didn't drink whilst she was there.

"We have had to cancel a family meal in London tonight and she was due to go back to university this weekend for an exam on Monday. She has contacted the university to advise that she is unlikely to make it."

Another woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said herself and eight friends who attended have been violently ill. The group believe they were all drinking vodka with lemonade.

Similarly, another woman claims a group of her friends who were drinking all "different types of drinks" were sick.

She said: "I’d had a funny stomach for the majority of the day yesterday however then at 12am I was being sick.

"Quite violently sick as well. I won’t be going back. No way."

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