Dream meaning: Why am I dreaming about my ex?

We’ve all got memories connected to ex-flames that we’d rather forget… but what do you do when that person pops up in your dreams? Whether the breakup was mutual, you were brutally dumped, or the pair of you are on good terms, an ex disturbing your slumber is worrying. Does this mean you still have feelings for them? Express.co.uk chats to dream expert and NeuroSuccess Coach Marilyn Devonish to find out what dreaming of an ex means.

Why am I dreaming about my ex?

Google searches for ‘why am I dreaming about my ex?’ have increased by a staggering 2,450 percent compared to last year, according to new research by digital marketing agency AGY47.

So why is lockdown bringing up memories of past relationships?

Marilyn talks Express.co.uk through the four most common ‘ex’ dreams and explains what they could mean.

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Getting together again with ex

If you’ve woken up after a night of envisioning you and your ex in a happy relationship, it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get back with them.

Marilyn explained: “This dream can signify there may be qualities and aspects missing in your current relationship or life, with the dream highlighting the missing traits.

“It can also mean you are missing your ex or what they represent; if so, what specifically do you miss?

“For example, do you miss love, friendship, connection, companionship, or fun?

“Ask yourself: How can you bring more of that into your life and/or current relationship?”

Getting married to your ex

Watched yourself walk down the aisle to meet your ex at the altar in a dream?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Marilyn explained: “This dream is often about some form of union or integration and making choices about the direction of your life.

“If the context of the dream is about joyfully moving forward, it can be a sign you are ready for a deeper level of commitment in your current or future relationship.

“If you’re running away in the dream, look at any deeper commitment issues and what you might be trying to run away from.”

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Running into your ex

Most of us would get a kick out of bumping into an ex, looking and feeling great, with a new partner on our arm.

But what does it mean if you bump into them in a dream?

Marilyn said: “Depending upon the context of the dream, this can invite you to look at things that remain unsaid.

“Start with writing or journaling about how you feel and what you would like to say to them should your paths cross.

“If you would hate for your ex to see you right now, ask why?

“This dream can also point to taking the steps to get yourself back on track and heal old wounds and negative emotions.

“You may have recently met someone who reminds you of your ex, which stirs up old memories.”

Dreaming your ex died

Dreaming that your ex died is terrifying, concerning, and brings up feelings of guilt.

Don’t stress, Marilyn said this doesn’t mean you’re wishing harm on your ex.

Marilyn said: “This, on the face of it isn’t the most pleasant scenario however the deeper meaning can mean the end of the situation and letting go of the past in terms of the old constructs and boundaries.

“Dreams about your ex dying are inviting you to move on and make room for the new.

“If your ex has been physically or metaphorically hanging around, this can be a nudge to take the initiative and cut the old ties once and for all.”

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