Emoji brainteaser based on common parenting scenarios baffles mums and dads

Becoming a parent can open your eyes to new situations, sometimes too messy to imagine when you were child-free.

TikTok creator @mommacusses recently asked parents "tell me you have kids, without telling me you have kids".

The mum boasts 857,200 followers on her TikTok channel where she often shares relatable clips of her life as a parent.

She kicked off a social media trend for mums and dads sharing their hilarious family scenarios.

Now a recent research by Kendamil found that the "baby" is the most commonly used emoji by parents.

But the truth is, it's not all hearts and cuddles in reality.

Sometimes there are no words for what you are experiencing.

So parents develop their own language to describe a "code brown" or devil toddlers.

Now the baby brand has created a tricky emoji brainteaser to test your knowledge.

And it turns out players can only get seven right… So how many can you answer? Let us know in the comments section below.

There are 15 questions which pose a series of emojis to describe what is going on.

And if you're struggling for the answers, don't worry as you can just scroll down.

Are you looking for more brainteasers?

Previously, a colourful square brainteaser with seven letters hiding in the image went viral after it was shared by a user on Reddit.

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On another occasion, this tricky brainteaser will test your mathematics skills with 89 seconds to beat.

Numerous items of baby stuff, like bottles, soothers and bibs, appear to cost different amounts in the set of tricky questions.

Looking for more? Another tricky puzzle challenged players to find the spooky face in the photo.

It was shared around the Halloween period but you can see if you're any good now!

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