Employees Said This Whole Foods Competitor Is One of the Worst Stores to Work For

Smart employers know that it costs less to retain great employees than it does to face constant turnover. Finding, hiring, and training new employees takes a lot of time and effort.

But despite these truths, so many company leaders fail to focus on company culture and employee satisfaction. For the sixth year in a row, 24/7 Wall St. analyzed thousands of employee reviews on Glassdoor to come up with the worst of the worst companies that no one wants to work for. One major Whole Foods competitor made it into the top five most terrible places to work (No. 4).

See if your employer made the list — and proceed with caution before accepting job offers at any of these places.

15. The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place | Corey Coyle/Wikimedia Commons

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 15,500
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 36%
  • Industry: Retail

This New Jersey-based children’s clothing retailer isn’t beloved by employees. The chain operates more than 1,000 stores nationwide, but maybe the employees realize that brick and mortar stores like this one are in serious trouble. Employees also have little faith in the CEO, Jane Elfers, and only gave her a 28% approval rating.

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14. LA Fitness

LA Fitness | Wolterk/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 10,000+
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 33%
  • Industry: Fitness clubs

They may be one of the largest fitness club chains in the country, but this company better get a handle on employee relations if they want to continue growing at such a fast pace. Most of the 1,500 employees who reviewed the company on Glassdoor had negative feelings toward their place of employment, including a less-than-stellar outlook on CEO Louis Welch.

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13. Teleperformance

Call center | BrianAJackson/iStock/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 216,657
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 44%
  • Industry: Customer service

You’d think a company well-versed in handling people would have a better rating, but that’s not the case for this call center. It could be the nature of their business — dealing with angry customers all day can be unpleasant. Current and former employees ranked this company one of the worst to work for overall.

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12. Brookdale Senior Living

Nursing home | Heiko119/iStock/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 77,600
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 41%
  • Industry: Retirement homes

Businesses that are doing well typically have happier employees — but that’s far from reality at Brookdale Senior Living, a nationwide chain of retirement homes. The company reported a net loss for the past three quarters and stock prices plummeted 60% in two years. That could be part of the reason why employees have such a negative outlook.

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11. Dillard’s

Dillard’s | Jonesdr77/Wikimedia Commons

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 40,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 38%
  • Industry: Retail

Department stores used to be so popular — but changing consumer tastes and shopping habits are changing all that. These cultural shifts are partially to blame for the negative outlook employees have for Dillard’s, a chain with more than 900 stores nationwide (for now). Workers cite unrealistic sales quotas and unfair reactions when those quotas aren’t met as some of the main problems.

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10. Xerox

Xerox | Coolcaeser/Wikimedia Commons

  • Rating: 2.6
  • Employees: 37,600
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 35%
  • Industry: Technology

Working in the technology industry can be rewarding and lucrative — but not if you’re working for Xerox. This company just had a major shakeup including a CEO change and some restructuring in upper management. They’re hoping the changes will help improve morale and employee satisfaction.

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9. Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center | M.O. Stevens/Wikimedia Commons

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Employees: 20,100
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 30%
  • Industry: Home furnishing rentals

RAC employees cite poor work-life balance and low pay as two of the main problems with working there. With 4,300 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, this business concept is also becoming less popular as more affordable furniture options hit the market.

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8. Hertz

Hertz | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Employees: 36,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 33%
  • Industry: Car rental

Hertz has some major competition from one of their biggest competitors. This car rental chain is the second biggest in the nation, but unlike Enterprise Holdings, they have some very unhappy employees. Glassdoor reviewers had negative things to say about work shifts, overtime without compensation, low pay, and bad experiences with management.

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7. Forever 21

Forever 21 | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Employees: 35,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 32%
  • Industry: Retail

With 600 nationwide locations, fast fashion retailer Forever 21 is the fifth largest specialty store chain in the country. But their popularity isn’t enough to keep employees happy. Workers complain about unfair pay, unrealistic expectations, and a low employee discount. They also don’t care for the way company founder and CEO Don Chang runs the place.

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6. Dish Network Corporation

Dish Network truck | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Employees: 16,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 32%
  • Industry: Television provider

The TV industry is changing at a rapid pace with consumers finding all kinds of alternative ways to watch their favorite shows. There are several reasons Dish Network is suffering so badly — the industry outlook is bleak, customer service reps are bearing the brunt of customer complaints, and according to employees, mismanagement is a key issue.

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5. Sears

Sears | Scott Olson/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.5
  • Employees: 140,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 29%
  • Industry: Retail

Once an American icon, this department store isn’t expected to last for the next ten years. Sears reported losses exceeding $2.2 billion over the last 12 months. Current employees have little hope that their jobs will be around in the coming months and low morale has impacted everyone.

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4. The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market | Miosotis Jade/Wikimedia Commons

  • Rating: 2.4
  • Employees: 10,000+
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 30%
  • Industry: Grocery stores

Competing in the grocery games isn’t easy, especially when you’re targeting picky, upscale consumers. But according to employees, Fresh Market is doing a terrible job. This Whole Foods competitor is one of the very few major companies to earn less than a 2.5 score on Glassdoor.

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3. CompuCom

Hard drive | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Rating: 2.4

  • Employees: 11,500
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 28%
  • Industry: Information technology

This privately held company hails from Plano, Texas and boasted a revenue of $1.15 billion in 2016. Though the salaries are comparatively higher than at other companies, employees have complaints about a lack of advancement opportunities and raises.

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2. Kraft Heinz Company

Kraft Heinz | Scott Olson/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.4
  • Employees: 41,000
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 27%
  • Industry: Food

Long hours, high turnover, a hostile work environment, and poor management are just some of the complaints employees have at this number two worst company to work for, which is the worst-reviewed major U.S. based corporation.

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1. Alorica

Call center | IPGGutenbergUKLtd/iStock/Getty Images

  • Rating: 2.3
  • Employees: 100,000+
  • Percentage of employees who would recommend: 34%
  • Industry: Customer service

Maybe you’ve never heard of this company, but it’s possible you’ve talked to someone who works for them. Alorica provides customer service support for larger companies and makes huge profits in the process.

Employees aren’t just disheartened by the nature of listening to customer complaints all day — they also hate the low wages and long hours.

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