Every star signs favourite colour – What your palette says about you

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No one can decide your favourite colour for you, but your star sign can reveal what colours you love to surround yourself with. Perhaps you tend to wear the same colour palette all the time, or you use the same few shades in your furniture and interior design scheme. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out every star sign’s favourite colour.


Aries, you love the colour red or at least have a lot of red items around you.

Francesca explained: “Aries is red because they’re feisty and fiery.”

However, you also like a good monochrome theme to keep things simple.

Francesca said: “Aries also likes monochrome because they’re very black and white as people – they like things to be straightforward and manageable.”


Taurus, you’re a grounded earth sign who loves earthy colours.

Francesca said: “Taureans are drawn towards colours of the earth, particularly greens.”

You probably wear or decorate your house with a lot of browns, beiges, greens and autumnal shades of orange, red and yellow.


Geminis, yellow is your colour… or at least, people would associate you with the colour yellow.

Francesca said: “Gemini is linked to the colour yellow because they’re very bright and chatty.

“However, they’re also very changeable so you Geminis probably want to change your home or style all the time.”


Cancer, you’re ruled by the Moon and therefore linked to all varieties of white.

Francesca said: “Think white, muted shades, cream, beige, silver and so on.”

Cancerians are quite shy and don’t often feel like opening up, so it makes perfect sense that they’d choose a discrete colour.


Leo, you are the most dramatic and regal sign in the zodiac so you like pretty much anything.

Francesca said: “Leo loves anything colourful and will be seen in bold, bright colours.

“They’re also drawn to particularly regal colours like purple and green.

“Leos are also linked to gold or anything that is ornate or over the top.”


Virgo, you’re the cleanest sign in the zodiac so you love fresh, crisp and uncomplicated colours.

Francesca said: “Virgo likes to keep their style and interior design choices super basic.

“Blue, green, light yellow and white are lucky colours for this sign, but Virgo doesn’t like patterns or prints… so keep it basic!”


Libra, you’re the fashionista of the zodiac and you and your home ALWAYS look good.

Francesca said: “Librans are drawn to anything they consider beautiful or harmonious.

“They don’t have any rules on colours but they like pastels and a little bit of beige.

“The main thing for Libra is to have everything matching and neatly tied together.”


Scorpios are known for being very mysterious, so of course, their favourite colour is black.

Francesca said: “Scorpio feels most at home when surrounded by dark and moody colours.

“Normally this is black and gothic reds, but Scorpios like any colour as long as it is dark.”


Sagittarius, you’re a free spirit and don’t really have any colours that you dislike.

Francesca said: “Sagittarians are gregarious, colourful and over the top.

“However, purple is the colour of Sagittarius because it is linked with the Sagittarian ruling planet Jupiter.”


Capricorn, you’re the hardworking father figure of the zodiac so you love anything formal or smart.

Francesca said: “Capricorns are drawn to dark colours and navy blues and they particularly like uniforms.

“Whatever they wear or buy for their homes, it has to be expensive and business-like.”


Aquarius, you’re the water-bearer and therefore your colour is blue!

Francesca said: “Aquarius loves turquoise, electric blue or pretty much electric anything!

“They like things to look random and clash and their style is very eclectic.”


Pisces is the Fish so of course, this sign loves pastels and sea green.

Pisceans also tend to be very creative and dreamy, so they’re open to anything as long as it isn’t dark and gloomy!

Francesca noted: “I’ve realised that people with Pisces in their chart often have sea-green eyes.”

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