Expert reveals how to prevent crunchy towels and get them soft again using cooking ingredient

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There's nothing worse than investing in some expensive fluffy towels only for them to go crunchy after one wash, never having exact softness again.

We all strive for that hotel towel standard, but it can prove near enough impossible, with even the best detergents and softeners failing to work on stiff bath sheets.

It turns out, we've been doing it all wrong, as an expert has revealed the huge mistake we've all been making, causing our once-fluffy purchases to feel rough and cheap.

Laura de Barra has shared a "life-changing" tip on TikTok, revealing the simple way we can all transform our bathroom towels and restore even the worst of them back to their former glory.

Author and social media fanatic Laura says it's all down to us overcomplicating how we wash them.

Irish influencer Laura, who wrote the best-selling book Gaff Goddess, has been sharing some of DIY book's best tips on her TikTok.

After one of her fans asked why their laundry, especially their towels, were starting to feel rough, Laura explained it is all down to a build-up in the towels' fibers.

She said: "If you find that your towels are quite crispy or hard after washing, it's because of a build up of product in the fibres.

"So if we think about towels, by nature, their superpower is absorption, so if it's in a wash and there hasn't been enough rinsing, that's usually due to the drum being too full or you've actually used too much detergent."

Laura continued: "It's going to build up inside the fibres of the towel, this then means that the towel ends up not absorbing things so well, it doesn't dry things properly and it's rough to the touch."

Thankfully, you don't need to bin your towels as they can always be saved with Laura revealing that all you'll need is one kitchen cupboard essential.

The expert continued: "To get them soft again, what you need to do is put the towels into a wash with no detergent at all.

"So throw your towels into the drum as normal and then you're going to put two cups of vinegar into the detergent drawer.

"Vinegar is an absolutely stunning non-toxic cleaner. She's brilliant at cleansing fibres of that build up of detergent. She also eliminates odours and she's just stunning all round for your machine in general."

If you don't already own some vinegar, you'll be able to grab a bottle for less than a quid at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Laura continued: "Pop on your cycle, warm. Not roasting hot because that can also make cotton towels a bit crispy, just gonna do a warm wash – maybe around 60.

"If the towels are really crispy and this has been going on a long time, then you'll probably need a second wash where you're going to put in a cup of bicarb into that detergent section in the drawer and you're gonna wash again."

Laura – who boasts a whopping 36K followers on Instagram- revealed that bicarbonate of soda is a great "natural cleaner" and helps to release any caked-on residue left in the towel fibres.

She also urges people to "vigorously shake out" towels when air drying them as it helps to "open up the fibres" and add back some much-needed softness.

The video went down a treat on TikTok, attracting thousands of likes, with fans rushing to comment how grateful they were for the tip.

One user wrote: "Love this top tip. I love white vinegar and bicarb to deep clean my washing machine.

"Will defo try your recommendations on my towels."

Another added: "NEED to try this, I've thrown away so many towels lol"

Many agreed, stating "this is actually a game changer!!!!!!", "thanks for this you life saver", and "OMG AS IF".

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