Factory worker to see family for first time in five years after winning £58,000

A chicken factory night shift worker is heading home for the first time in FIVE YEARS after scooping £58,000 on a £2.70 bet.

Days after Elisio Ximenes scooped the mega £58,000 he quit his job at the Two Sisters Food plant in Scunthorpe and booked a luxury holiday with his wife and family in Bali.

He has also started making plans to set up a restaurant business in his home country 8,500 miles away in East Timor.

Father of two Elisio was in luck on the 49’s lotto after choosing numbers based on his identity number at work, reports Grimsby Live.

Elisio said: “For five years every week I had spent £1 always changing my numbers then I thought why not use my works number which is used to check the timekeeping.

“I moved from East Timor five years ago and have not seen my wife Jovita and my boys who are 13 and seven, since then.

“When I rang her to tell her everything had changed for just £2.70 she, like me, just can’t believe it – and said that God must be looking down kindly on our family.

“She is a good cook making traditional food and now we can set up in the restaurant business in my country; but first all the family will be going on a holiday to Bali which is a beautiful place I have always wanted to visit.”

The 33-year-old went on: “I do go to Mass every week and have always sent money home although I only get £1,200 a month for working nights.

"I just feel so very, very happy and so lucky that I can do so much with my life after spending just £2.70… it's fantastic.

"I have given some money to my friends from East Timor who work here with me in Lincolnshire but virtually all of it is going to be spent changing my family’s life.

"I have left my job which was very hard work – and as soon as possible next month I’ll be flying back home for good to the other side of the world.”

He celebrated cashing in on his work number 607249 by having a drinks party with his pals at home after a celebratory bottle of champers courtesy of Betfred.

The two bets – £1 and £1.70 – were placed at the Betfred shop at Scunthorpe with the numbers 26,27,46,47 and 49 with £1 on five numbers been drawn winning him £50,000 and the other £1.70 wager that four of the lucky numbers would come out, picking up a further £8,000.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “What a delight that such a tiny stake bet with us can have such an extraordinary effect on this young fella’s life. He deserves a break – and thanks to Betfred he’s got one.” 

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