Family forced to live on takeaways after council ‘failed to fix kitchen’

A family have been forced to live on takeaways for two weeks after the council failed to fix their kitchen, a mum has claimed.

Victoria Walsh Prince, who lives in Yorkshire with partner Brendan Walsh and her son, claims council errors have severely delayed work on her home.

She said the council have failed to re-fit new cupboards and tile the walls, leaving her unable to access the kitchen to cook.

“I can’t go food shopping because there’s nowhere I can put anything," she said.

“I’ve been living off takeaways for two weeks which has been a nightmare.

“I can’t afford it and it’s making me get fat."

Ms Walsh Prince claimed a council surveyor initially came to take measurements at her property in early August and concluded new cupboards would be needed.

However, rather than ordering complete new units, she said the council only ordered new doors which were subsequently too small for the existing cupboards.

Ms Walsh Prince said workmen came to her house last Friday but new cupboards didn’t arrive until late afternoon.

Due to this they were unable to complete the work.

“I don’t blame the workmen, it’s not their fault,” she said.

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