Fantasia and Her Husband Kendall Taylor Swap Anniversary Surprises to Celebrate Four Years Of Marriage

Fantasia and Kendall Taylor sure know how to celebrate their love.

These lovebirds are currently celebrating four years of marriage and they are both showing their love in a very special way. 

The former American Idol winner chose to use her vocal talent to gift her husband with a song. According to Fantasia, Kendall stated that his wife “never sings for him” and she chose to change that in honor of their special day. The song is a special dedication for their wedding anniversary, and speaks on how Kendall is definitely “the one.” The song details many of the moments the two have shared, dating back to the very beginning of their love story. Some lyrics include,

 “Baby you’re the one/ 4 years we been together/ Made it through a lot of stormy weather/See I met you on a Friday/ The very next day I was calling you my babe.”

Fantasia also shared the song with an adorable video slideshow showcasing their love throughout the years, in which she captioned: 

“My Gift to my King for our 4th Anniversary which is TODAY!!!!! He always says I never sing for him so here ya Go Daddy ( I’ll post the whole song soon on iTunes?) it’s just my lil Gift to You”

However, Fantasia wasn’t the only one bearing gifts for their celebration.

Kendall had a few surprises of his own for his wife. Kendall gifted Fantasia with several cards and a mystery road trip. Fantasia took to Instagram to share this video trying to get the inside scoop on where they might be off to. 

Out of excitement and curiosity Fantasia attempts to discover the surprise asking Kendall “Where we going babe?” in which he quickly replies “None of your business!”

Wherever it is, cheers to an amazing anniversary!

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