Fashion lovers mock Balenciaga’s bizarre Instagram posts

Fashion fans mock Balenciaga’s VERY bizarre Instagram posts as the high-end designer floods its account with strange blurry snaps and kooky selfies

  • Balenciaga has been mocked for the bizarre posts on its Instagram account 
  • The designer posts blurry pictures and snaps of models in modest surroundings
  • Twitter user Mniew pointed out the account’s bizarre activity in a now viral tweet

While most design houses go to great lengths to show off their high fashion creations with achingly stylish Instagram posts, Balenciaga has taken a different – and rather bizarre – approach.

The account, which has 6.8 million followers, is filled with pictures so blurry they’re almost indiscernible; quirky snaps of models, which look like they’ve been taken in a grim, poky apartment, and odd still lifes, such as a pair of pink heels poking out of a plant pot.

Twitter user @Mniew pointed out the bizarre activity in a post that has since gone viral.

They questioned what was going on with the Spain-based brand, which is loved by celebrities including Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek, asking: ‘Who runs Balenciaga’s instagram???’

Balenciaga’s Instagram feed has been mocked by fashion lovers for its bizarre posts. Pictured: a model posing in a modest-looking kitchen in designer clothes

The Balenciaga Instagram account has has 6.8 million followers and posts a mixture of high resolution photos and quirky low res snaps (pictured)

Every photo posted on the Balenciaga Instagram account has a blank caption and amasses a string of comments from fans asking what they mean (pictured: a bizarre alien edit on the account)

Twitter user @Mniew pointed out the account’s bizarre activity in a viral tweet, asking who runs the account

The account is a mixture of high resolution photos from their media campaigns and a series of random images.

The more quirky snaps are all low quality and are taken in seemingly random backgrounds.

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The models pose in modest surroundings but seem to be wearing pieces from the high end brand’s collections. 

Every photo has a blank caption and has received a string of comments from fans asking for an explanation. 

In some pictures on the Balenciaga Instagram account, followers can’t even see the clothes, such as this extremely blurry snap (pictured)

Some snaps posted by Balenciaga don’t even appear to show the brand’s own clothes, such as these quirky all-in-one denim jean boots

Other images shared on Instagram don’t even feature any models at all, such as this snap, which is just a sparkling silver dress and a single shoe

This snap of a huge boot crushing an unknown street left a lot of Balenciaga’s Instagram users scratching their heads

The brand’s new Croc-style heels look very out of place in a plant pot in this messy room 

A model decked out head to toe in Balenciaga poses on a line of trolleys outside a store

A model wearing a Balenciaga outfit is completely covered in a bizarre purple body sock

The @Mniew’s tweet has seen hoards of Twitter users questioning what is going on on the brand’s social media accounts. 

One commented: ‘I thought they were fake until I opened their Instagram account.’

‘It’s probably Kanye West [who’s behind it],’ another posted. 

A third joked: ‘That’s disgusting and I’m offended they call it ”high fashion”.’

The Instagram page was roundly mocked on Twitter, with one joking they’d ‘never seen such a mess’

In one image a model sits on the floor of a very ordinary looking kitchen wearing a green headscarf and a gingham outfit. 

Another picture is edited to make the male mode look like an alien, while another model’s body is completely blurred.

One model sports an all-in-one pair of jeans and boots combo, while another post is just a sparkling silver dress with a single red shoe pinned to the wall.

MailOnline has contacted Balenciaga and is awaiting comment. 

Balenciaga counts celebrities such as Vogue editor Anna Wintour (pictured left at Paris Women’s Fashion Week in March) and Lily Allen (right at Paris Fashion Week last month) amongst its fans

The brand is known for its quirky style. Pictured is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in New York in March with a Balenciaga bag

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