First Dates twins should get their own show, fans say

‘I’m in love with the twins!’ First Dates fans declare episode that saw two single siblings enjoy simultaneous blind dates the ‘funniest EVER’ – and say the pair deserve their own show

  • Stephen and Rebecca, 22, from Leicester share a table with their dates
  • They can’t stop talking about each other and admit they’re both huge Cher fans
  • Viewers joked the siblings got on so well their dates should swap with each other

First Dates treated fans to a romantic dinner with a twist on Monday night, as twin brother and sister Stephen and Rebecca appeared on the show together – and delighted viewers with their entertaining banter. 

In a first for the Channel 4 show, the 22-year-old siblings were both matched up with blind dates, with die-hard Cher fan Stephen meeting legal assistant Emily, 24, while his sister Rebecca sat down with engineer Kristian.

Those watching the Leicester pair took to Twitter to suggest they should get their own show – as well as joke about how Stephen and his sister get along so well their respective dates might have more luck sitting with one another. 

Stephen and Rebecca (left) met with their dates Emily and Kristian (right) on First Dates, the first ever twin double date for 

Rebecca and Stephen, both 22, from Leicester, said they were extremely close growing up because they didn’t have many friends and were labelled ‘weird’ by their school peers

Viewers watching the episode took to Twitter to share how funny they thought the siblings were and that they should be given their own show or at least a slot on fellow C4 series Gogglebox

Revealing that they were only born 17 minutes apart, Rebecca said: ‘We’re just the same person but a different gender. People think we’re married.’

One viewer said: ‘The funniest episode of @FirstDates ever these twins should get their own show.’

Another agreed: ‘These twins need to be on Gogglebox or something!’

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‘These twins are hilarious, I bloody love them,’ said one with crying-laughing emojis. 

Asked why they were so close Rebecca explained to her date Kristian that the siblings lived in the ‘middle of nowhere’ so didn’t have any children in their neighbourhood to play with.

And of school she added: ‘We didn’t have any friends to be honest. They just used to say “you’re the weird twins”. 

‘We were just ostracised, we thought “oh well at least we’ve got each other”. Now he’s moved to uni I feel lost, I felt like I was cut in half I didn’t know what to do, now I’m all alone for the first time ever in my life.’

The siblings were seated next to each other on neighbouring tables, with Stephen and Emily enjoying their date, and Rebecca and Kristian on theirs

Rebecca and Kristian appeared to bond over a chocolate fondue dessert but her attempts at flirting failed to impress the engineer

Kristian said that he didn’t want to see Rebecca again and that there wasn’t a spark, as he complained that she constantly put herself down and that she didn’t need to

But when Stephen recently decided to go to university, Rebecca confessed that she felt ’empty’ without her twin, but knew it was time they both branched out and ‘got our own lives’. 

While Rebecca and her date appeared to bond over their chocolate fondue dessert as she made suggestive licking noises, her negative attitude put Kristian off.

‘I just don’t know what to think, she is a very pretty girl, but I think she is a little bit too quick to put herself down,’ he said, before he told her he didn’t want to see her again.

Stephen had a little more luck on his date with Emily who was impressed with his humour and personality, and the pair agreed to go on a second date – without his twin 

Things went a little better for her brother with his date Emily, he impressed her with his humour and kept her laughing through dinner.

Stephen picked up the bill and when they sat down to dissect the date for the camera, they both admitted that they thought each other would say no.

Ahead of their second date to an aquarium, Stephen joked that he wouldn’t bring his twin again: ‘That would be a bit weird wouldn’t it.’

First Dates returns next Monday on Channel 4 at 10pm  

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