Fitness-mad dad brags about feeding ‘lean’ 8-month-old baby ‘eggs, fruit & veg’

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A fitness-mad dad faced backlash after he shared his eight-month-old’s diet on social media and described the baby as "lean".

Bodybuilder Jack, from Colorado, boasted that his son eats “whole eggs, whole fruit, whole vegetables” and water.

The dad added: "We grind up his vegetables/proteins most the time, until he can chomp away on his own. 99% percentile height/head size 70% percentile weight.

"He’s lean because he isn’t eating processed s***. And unusually handsome."

While the tweet garnered more than 1,500 likes, some were furious about the "braggy" post.

One commenter said: “‘My baby is lean’. Bro nobody but you two care about your baby being lean or not. It’s a baby.”

Another commented: “Who calls a baby lean?”

A third sarcastically replied: "Ah yes…’lean baby’ is a normal thing to brag about.”

Another said: “Dude the point of being an infant is gaining weight.”

And a fifth added: “Babies’ nutritional needs don’t equate to adults’ – feed that baby what he needs as an eight-month-old."

The bodybuilder hasn’t responded to criticism but says he’s determined to raise a “real, good man”.

According to the NHS, babies should be fed a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, protein and dairy when they are 7-9 months old.

The website explains: “By now, your baby will have had some good practice learning how to eat!

“Eat together as much as possible – they learn a lot from watching you.

“Your baby will gradually move towards eating 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and tea).

“Offering a wide variety of different foods is important to ensure they get enough energy and nutrients (such as iron).”

The NHS adds: “Babies don't need salt or sugar added to their food (or cooking water) – salty food isn't good for their kidneys and sugar can cause tooth decay.

“Remember, it may take 10 tries or even more for your baby to get used to new foods, flavours and textures.

“There'll be days when they eat more, some when they eat less, and then days when they reject everything!

“Don't worry – this is perfectly normal. Just be patient, keep offering a variety of foods, even the ones they don't seem to like, and let them get used to it in their own time.

“Babies under 12 months don't need snacks, if you think your baby is hungry in between meals, offer extra milk feeds instead.”

  • NHS

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