Foodie posts snap of full English breakfast – but attempt is branded disgrace

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Fry-ups are a British institution – and people are very particular about how they have them.

So when a foodie posted a picture of their controversial "full English" brekkie online, they were in for a right roasting.

On Reddit, they goaded: "Go on then, what's wrong with my Full English.

"Wild boar sausages. Big glass of coke. Nominal mushrooms. No massive wet tomato. Branston beans. The egg was runny inside. Extra fresh baked bread."

While it was clear that effort had been put into the breakfast, many responders were less than impressed.

The post garnered 7,300 upvotes and 1,500 comments – and some branded the brekkie a "disgrace".

One commenter said: "Needs another egg, black pudding and bubble in my opinion. Also I'd like some white pudding, haggis and a hash brown with mine, please."

Another joked: "My guy about to meet God with his 5g of mushrooms."

And a third advised: "Cook your beans for longer, they look well runny, defs need hash browns."

Others were horrified that the Redditor had served the morning meal with a fizzy drink instead of a brew.

One asked: "Coke? Where's the mug of tea?"

A second agreed: "Full glass of coke? This isn't a happy meal."

Another asked: "The Coke ruined it for me. Absolute disgrace."

And a fourth added: "Yep needs Yorkshire or Dorset tea. White no sugar."

Despite the backlash, dozens of commenters said the full English attempt was "passable".

A commenter reassured: "Needs two eggs, proper mushrooms, three sausages and fried tomatoes.

"Other than that, I wouldn't call it a disaster of an effort. A big mug of tea as well not Coke…"

And another agreed: "Sausages – Good. Eggs – Check. Bacon – Acceptable, but I'd like to see more. Mushrooms – A little on the low side. Beans – Bean to meat ratio is on the high side but not disastrous.

"No black pud or hash browns.

"Coke is a bit non-standard. For top marks, you need a proper belting cuppa to replace that.

"All-in-all, passable effort."

So what do you think of the fry-up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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