Foodie shares ‘most efficient’ way to eat a burger with ‘best life hack ever’

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A woman has shared her "greatest life hack ever" of how to eat a burger and fries in one bite.

Maddie Goetz, from Chicago, Illinois, US, claimed it is the "most efficient" way to eat burgers and she asked her 816,000 fans on TikTok to try the easy method.

In the clip which was viewed more than 4.6 million times, the foodie appears to be sitting outside burger joint Small Cheval under stormy weather.

She shows her burger meal – a cheeseburger, fries and a dipping sauce – to the camera as she prepares to devour it in seconds.

Maddie first dips the burger into the sauce and says: "I always get the sauce on the side if it's a special sauce that I love.

"This is a special garlic and aioli, that's the best thing on the planet.

"Then I connect the fries to the burger. Now that every bite has a great chunk of aioli and a great taste of fries, like that crunch."

She also posted a clip where she taught her brother of the hack, which she claimed is "the only way to eat a chicken sandwich".

The hilarious clip left viewers laughing in tears as they commented on her passion for food.

One joked: "She's so aggressive she might eat the container."

Another viewer said: "She's so passionate about food, I love it."

"Thanks to you I eat my combos in the weirdest way and it's delicious," a third added.

Some suggested Maddie put the fries inside the burger but the food lover said: "It's not the same."

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