Football Manager 2020 FREE: How to play FM20 on PC and Mac without paying a penny – The Sun

THE world is struggling to get to grips with the coronavirus crisis as country after country enters quarantine.

But there is a slight upside for gamers, who can now enjoy Football Manager for free.

How can I play Football Manager 2020 for free?

Football Manager 2020 is now completely free to play on Steam until 3pm on Wednesday, March 25.

If you have a Steam account, simply log in, head to the Football Manager page and click the download button.

Those without a Steam account only need to head to the official site and click the 'Install Steam' button, which is usually found in the top right hand corner.

Can I play Football Manager 2020 for free across all devices?

Unfortunately, the free version of Football Manager 2020 only applies to the PC/MAC edition.

Will my game be saved once the free trial period expires?

Yes. Your career progress will be saved in either your documents or the Steam Cloud.

That means that once the trial period has been completed, you can continue your saved game at any time upon purchase of Football Manager 2020.

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