Frankie and Benny’s worker ‘sent teen "creepy" texts after she applied for job’

A teenager has shared the creepy messages she received from a "weirdo" restaurant worker after she applied for a job.

Katie Little applied for a waitressing job at Frankie and Benny's in Orpington, London.

The 17-year-old says a member of staff took her mobile number from her CV and then messaged, calling her "gorgeous".

She shared images of the unwelcome exchange on Tuesday on social media.

A screenshot of the conversation shows the man's opening message which reads: "Hey gorgeous x, how is life treating you?"

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Katie then queries the man's identity, asking: "Do I know you?"

The man replies: "Think you applied for a waitressing job? You still looking?"

A furious Katie took to social media to warn others about the exchange.

She posted the conversation with the caption: "I applied for job as a waitress for Frankie & Benny's.

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"He has just text me saying 'hey gorgeous x hows life treating you' not indicating anything about the job until I questioned him who he was.

"I wanted to share because I find it very inappropriate as my CV has my date of birth clarifying I am only 17 years old."

Katie's post prompted another young woman to come forward, alleging that he had contacted her in a similar manner.

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She sent Katie a screen shot of messages from the same number which appear to show the man repeatedly contacting her, despite getting no reply.

Katie's post has sparked outrage among social media users.

Charlotte Scully wrote: "That's actually disgusting."

Hayley Baker added: "He shouldn't even be using your number that's terrible."

Neil Richardson fumed: "Unbelievable nonce like behaviour. Predator tendencies."

And Sally Hurley said "He has no right to use her details to make contact other than work related.

"He also clearly knew how old Katie is and although, yes legal, Katie is still a minor.

"I wonder how many young ladies desperate for a job have been taken in by this vile excuse of a man.

"I do hope this is brought to the attention of head office, so it's dealt with properly."

A Frankie and Benny's spokesman said: "We are aware of these extremely serious allegations and are investigating the matter.

"We have a zero tolerance policy towards this sort of behaviour and will take the appropriate steps pending the conclusion of our investigation."

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