Full moon horoscope: Whats in store for Mondays Cancer Full Moon?

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Just before midnight on Monday, there’s a magnificent Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. Full Moons show you what you’ve been hiding or ignoring, and force you to step into a more authentic reality, and this one is focussing on your emotions and where you hold yourself back. Express.co.uk chatted to Moon Mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycle and Crystals for Self-Care, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_ on Instagram) to find out what’s in store for Monday’s Full Moon in Cancer.

Last month’s lunar activity encouraged us to look back on our year and figure out how we can make our dreams a reality in 2022.

The Cancer New Moon on Monday is all about bringing you back to ‘home’ and centring yourself.

The Moon is ruled by the sign of Cancer, so it’s really fitting and natural that the first Full Moon of the year is in the emotional sign.

Kirsty said: “The Moon walked alongside us into this year with the first New Moon of 2022, and now goes Full for the first time in her ruling sign of Cancer, illuminating how we need to move forwards into the year ahead.”

This Full Moon is going to bring intense energy to get us to pay attention and listen.

Kirsty said: “As always, this energy will begin to build in the days running up to this Full Moon.

“The Moon always pulls our feelings and emotions to the surface when it’s full, but never more so than when she is in her own sign.

“Under the light of the full moon, you’ll clearly be able to see where you strayed from your New Moon intentions, what you allowed to stop you or hold you back or where you let self-doubt, fears and self-sabotage and procrastination get in the way.

“This Full Moon needs you to see where you hold yourself back time and time again so that you can break this cycle and not take it into this year with you.”

It’s not just a Full Moon that’s influencing us on Monday night, we have some powerful Pluto energies coming into play.

The Moon Mentor explained: “Pluto is the most powerful planet in astrology, ruling death, rebirth, and transformation, and it’s opposite the Moon.

“Pluto opposing the Moon wants you to allow all those things that no longer serve you to die away.

“Then, you can be reborn and make considerable change and transformation in your life.”

On top of that, the Sun is meeting Pluto in the sky during the Full Moon.

This only happens once a year so it’s really significant and makes the Full Moon even more powerful.

Kirsty said: “The Sun conjunct Pluto illuminates anything that you have been hiding from, deeply hidden fears and emotions and all the ways in which you don’t allow yourself to shine and be who you are.”

The main lesson to learn during this Full Moon is to stop giving your power away to other people, beliefs and stories that hold you back.

Kirsty stressed: “It’s time to stop giving power to the voices of doubt and fear.

“It’s time to stop giving power to the voice that tells you ‘It’s ok for them’ or ‘I’ll do what I really want to do when this or if that’.

“It’s time to discover your inner power and strength and the part that you must play in the creation of your own life. It’s time to know yourself.”

You have to wake up to the power of your actions on this Full Moon.

Kirsty said: “Everything that you want in life starts with YOU and the direction you go in this year starts with YOU.

“It starts with you coming home to yourself under this Moon and choosing yourself.

“You know who you are, what you can offer, what you are capable of and what you want, you just have to start believing it and taking action.”

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