Funny pictures of pets refusing to part with their beloved soft toys

Fur-ever friends! Animal lovers share VERY amusing photos of their pets refusing to part with their beloved soft toys

  • Pets from across the globe have showed their love for their favourite soft toys 
  • Adorable snaps show dogs refusing to part with their favourite toys of all time
  • One picture shows a pet hedgehog happily napping with the cutest blanket   

A series of amusing photos have revealed the loyal pets who refuse to leave their beloved soft toys behind. 

In a sweet and funny gallery shared by Bored Panda, pet lovers from across the globe have shared snaps of their furry friends and the trusted toys and blankets that stayed by their side, no matter what. 

Amongst the amusing photos includes one dog who can be seen holding his toy, that looks like dentures, in his mouth, creating the illusion of a smile. 

Elsewhere, a small Dachshund appears alarmed to see his owner has stuffed his collection of toys in the washing machine, while a snoozing hedgehog opts to snuggle up to his cuddly toy. 

People from across the globe have shared funny and heartwarming pictures of their pets and their favourite toys. In this snap, a snoozing hedgehog snuggles a dog-shaped toy 

This little US-based Dachshund doesn’t seem too pleased to find his toy collection stuffed in the washing machine 

Neat! This very organised dog, from Arizona, loves nothing more than to safely ‘file’ his toys in these cement squares 

Cat-ception! This US-based cat loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his favourite fluffy toy, which looks like Duchess from The Aristocats, while watching the Disney film

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This happy pooch, from the US, shows off his grin with his denture toy in his mouth 

In Ventura, California, this little pup can be seen taking his fluffy bear with him to the local thrift shop 

A US-based pooch looks proud to show off his dragon soft toy, which never leaves, no matter what 

This handsome boy from Bellevue, Washington, refuses to leave the house without his trusted fluffy Alpaca toy 

Friends that nap together stay together! Just a fluffy pair Corgi puppies taking a nap together in the US!

We’re not sure this Border Collie is thrilled about having all of his toys drying in the garden after they’ve been washed

This adorable cat, from North Carolina, cannot stand to be apart from his friendly ghost friend 

This ball of fur, from Seattle, Washington, can’t get enough of his ‘Furball Whiskey’ bottle soft toy 

Did you hear the one about the horse and the fish? A black stallion, from Philadelphia, proudly shows off his new toy

This anxious cat, from Missouri, looks on as his owner’s grandmother mends his favourite toy after itripped

A cat, from Dayton, Ohio loves his toy so much, he takes it around the house with him and even pretends they’re eating together 

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