Galaxy X: Samsung’s Foldable Phone Might Finally Have A Final Release Date

Samsung has so far been unwavering with regards to its 2019 estimate.

The Galaxy X is to Samsung as the Falcon Heavy was once for SpaceX. It was teased for years, and there were signs that it was about to be finished, and yet, the device (or rocket, as far as the FH is concerned) proved to be delayed multiple times. Recent reports from South Korea suggest, however, that Samsung’s foldable smartphone might finally be getting a solid release date, and consumers don’t even need to wait that long.

Samsung’s long-rumored Galaxy X smartphone has been in the rumor mill for years. Predicted as a device that would allow Samsung to start another category of new mobile devices, the Galaxy X is expected to be as influential to the company as the first Galaxy Note smartphone, which ended up pretty much starting the phablet market. Unfortunately for the Galaxy X, however, the device has seen several delays, and, despite years of being in the rumor mill, the smartphone is yet to see a release, or even an announcement.

This, however, might very well change soon, as someone from the highest echelons of the South Korean tech giant appears to be taking a lot of interest in the upcoming handset. According to a report from South Korean publication The Bell, the Galaxy X has attracted the attention of the Samsung’s own heir, Jay Y. Lee, who was recently released from prison. According to the publication, Lee has taken a particular interest in the company’s mobile division, specifically in its upcoming foldable hybrid device.

Lee’s focus on Samsung’s smartphone business could very well be caused by the company’s relatively failed gambit on the Galaxy S9. Being the company’s first flagship for 2018, the Galaxy S9 entered the market with high expectations from the company, but the device has not turned out to be as big of a hit as Samsung initially wanted. The relatively underwhelming sales of the Galaxy S9, for one, is set to be reflected in the South Korean tech giant’s second-quarter earnings report, according to a BGR report.

Since Lee left prison, his involvement in the company’s smartphone division is reportedly being felt by Samsung already. In a recent visit to China, Lee reportedly met with several of Samsung’s biggest competitors, which caused him to provide input into the Galaxy Note 9’s design. Lee’s suggestion reportedly caused Samsung’s mobile division to shave off 0.5 mm off the thickness of the upcoming flagship phablet. With Lee now involved, rumors pointing to the Galaxy X being released in 2019 are now more plausible than ever.

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