Georgia Harrison shows results of lip filler removal after suffering ‘borderline body dysmorphia’

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Former Love Island star Georgia Harrison has documented the process of having her lip filler removed, after admitting to “seriously overfilling” her pout.

The 26 year old, who featured in the Love Island villa back in 2017, vlogged the procedure over on her YouTube channel, and has been chatting to fans about it in a recent Instagram Q&A.

"The reason I decided to do it was because friends highlighted it to me, and I think it actually got to the point where I had borderline body dysmorphia and I couldn't even see it,” Georgia explains to her followers.

She also notes in the Q&A that the filler “became quite an addiction” and that she would get much more of it than she needed – resulting in mocking comments from her friends and her family.

During the course of the vlog, Georgia shows herself going from an “overinflated” pout to a more natural-looking volume. The process involved having a topical numbing cream applied, before a filler dissolving solution (Hyaluronidase) was injected into her lips.

Her clinician massaged the area to help break down the filler, before Georgia was instructed to leave her lips alone for two weeks. This was so that any swelling could subside.

After the two weeks, the former Islander headed back to the clinic to have a bit more filler added. The star had the edges of her lips re-filled “very subtly” so that they looked “natural and shaped, but not like two big sausages”.

“It’s definitely the best decision I’ve made, I can move my lips properly now,” says Georgia, concluding the vlog and revealing the results of the filler removal.

She also mentions that she hopes she inspires her younger followers to not get caught up in the overfilling trend, and credits other influencers who have publicly removed their own filler with helping her reach the decision to opt for a more natural look herself.

“I saw other influencers doing it which also gave me confidence, “ she says. “That's why I definitely want to speak about it with my followers, maybe I'll inspire other people that perhaps are slightly nervous about doing so.”

Though Georgia doesn’t name Molly-Mae Hague specifically, we imagine this is the influencer she refers to, since the blonde beauty has openly shared her own dissolving process on social media.

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