Girl, 2, leaves internet astounded by her shoulder-length head of hair

A two-year-old girl has left viewers astonished after her mum shared a video of her naturally wavy almost waist-length hair.

In the clip, TikTok user @Babyahair shows off the long locks of her daughter Aubree and it left many adult women feeling a bit jealous.

The toddler is playing with her toys while the proud parent runs her fingers through the back of her hair to show how thick and healthy it is.

In the on-screen caption, the mum has written of her daughter: "I just turned 2 years old."

The mum wrote in the comments that her daughter was born with a thick head of hair as a baby and the doctors said it would "fall out".

Instead, her daughter's hair got thicker and longer with each passing month and now she is compared to a "Disney princess".

The mum says she tried to avoid using any heat on the tot's naturally wavy hair and only sometimes uses a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

She added in the caption: "My hair started falling out after I had her… I see why. She took all my hair. Momma loves you, take it all baby girl."

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The video has been watched more than 14 million times and received 2 million "likes" and thousands of comments, with many viewers confessing they found Aubree's hair absolutely gorgeous but also baffling.

One viewer admitted: "I honestly thought it was a wig because never in my life have I seen hair like that on a toddler. It is absolutely beautiful."

Someone else commented; "I have never seen such luxurious hair on a toddler before. So gorgeous!"

"Ma’am, that’s a Disney princess," a third shocked user quipped.

Another user commented: "That kid has more and nicer hair than I've ever had. I find this upsetting."

"My daughter is almost three and has a sad mullet," joked someone else.

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