Girlfriends reveal their VERY lavish Christmas presents

Look what I got for Christmas! Women show off the lavish presents given to them by doting boyfriends in new TikTok trend – from gold jewellery to designer bags

  • TikTok users from across UK shared pricey Christmas gifts from their boyfriends 
  • The lavish presents include Dior and Louis Vuitton bags and designer watches 
  • Boyfriends also gifted expensive trainers and couture clothes to impress 

TikTok users have been showing that it’s not always the thought that counts when it comes to Christmas presents, it’s sometimes all about the price tag.

Lucky girlfriends in receipt of expensive gifts have been showcasing some of the indulgent Christmas gifts they received from smitten partners this December 25th, including designer bags, perfumes, trainers and jewellery.

Irish user Kayla showcased a present bundle worth hundreds of pounds that included a Dior ring, a pair of Nike trainers, a Guess watch and some designer perfume. Meanwhile Scottish user Catt shared her yuletide haul of a trendy top, a costly pair of trainers from footwear brand Buffalo and a Gucci ring. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the more luxurious presents women from across the country have been showing off on the social media platform. 

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Christmas ker-ching! Irish user Kayla received this £230 Danseuse Étoile Ring by Dior from her boyfriend this Christmas…and promptly shared her festive fortune on TikTok

Lucky gal: Janice, from York, showed off her haul of presents from her boyfriend, including Dior and Louis Vuitton bags, designer shoes and Jimmy Choo perfume 

Kayla also received a Guess Gemini watch from her boyfriend, which retails at around £179

The lucky user was also gifted a pair of pink Nike trainers from her boyfriend 

Carla, from Manchester, was treated to a matching Calvin Klein loungewear set, costing around £65, from her beau

Manchester-based Carla also showed off a variety of other gifts including Coco Chanel and Victoria’s Secret perfumes 

Grace, from Bristol, received a stylish rose gold-plated Michael Kors watch for around £230 from her boyfriend 

Irish user Kayla also received a Paco Rabanne Olympea perfume gift set; the perfume alone costs around £50 

Scottish user Catt, 19, revealed her boyfriend had given her a Gucci trademark silver heart ring for £160

Catt also revealed her other half gifted her a now sold out vest from fashionable east London brand Jaded 

The lucky user was also treated to a pair of Buffalo London classic low-top trainers in white patent, which cost around £150

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