‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale: [SPOILER] Reveals She’s Pregnant After A Surprise Proposal

The season finale of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was pretty tame until the very last 10 minutes, when two couples got married and a fan-favorite returned to the series with a bun in the oven!

Oh what a night. So much happened during the May 17 season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, when everyone came together for Alex and Jo’s wedding. First we must note, however, that it’s been weeks since April’s near-death experience, so the episode opened with her looking healthy and happy, but that disappeared quickly after April realized she sent most of the guests to the wrong wedding location. And that was only the first hiccup of the night. The next one came when Alex and Jo snuck off for a quickie in a barn — one that they soon became stuck in… with the corpse of a dead guy. This, of course, came after Jo told Alex that she had gotten the minimally-invasive-surgery fellowship she applied for at MassGen… meaning, she and Alex might be moving to Boston. It was something that Meredith realized, so she offered Jo a fellowship job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. That way, she wouldn’t lose her person (Alex).

Meanwhile, Bailey was lured back to the hospital when she accidentally went to the wrong wedding location and was forced to save the life of another bride’s mother. While in the hospital, Teddy unexpectedly arrived and asked if there were any jobs open. Bailey looked surprised, but she later offered Teddy the job of interim chief so she could go off and do other things that she’s always wanted to experience. Teddy seemed super interested, and that’s probably because she wants to be close to Owen, who may or may not be her baby daddy. Yes, in the closing minutes of the finale, Teddy revealed she’s expecting — and if you’ve been watching this season, then you already know she and Owen had sex several weeks back. That’s definitely going to throw a wrench in the potential for Owen and Amelia to reunite, as we saw Amelia sort of admit to Meredith that she’s still in love with Owen.

Despite all the obstacles they faced that day, Alex and Jo did eventually get married, but it wasn’t at the location they had original arrived at. That place was a wreck after one of the wedding planners was left with a windmill in her neck, and the cake was ruined when Glasses passed out and yanked the whole thing down as he fell to the ground. So Alex and Jo ended up getting married on a ferry boat, and Meredith performed the service after getting ordained on the internet. And they’re not the only ones who got married — Matthew ended up proposing to April, as he wanted to finally “build a life” with her. When the priest showed up to the original wedding site, and Alex and Jo had already disappeared, she married April and Matthew instead. So April, who quit her job at the hospital to help people in homeless communities, finally got her happy ending.

Another person who seemed to get their happy ending was Arizona, who revealed she and Callie are both single again, and she can’t help but smile every time Callie texts her. For example, Arizona’s face beamed with joy when Callie texted, “I can’t wait to see you!” We can only hope those two get back together once they reunite in New York.


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