‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Camilla Luddington Dished What She Thinks Izzie Has Been Up To

Grey’s Anatomy fans who have been around since the beginning know that, long before the Alex-Jo pairing was even written into existence, there were Alex and Izzie Stevens. What seemed like a blissful marriage ended in turmoil during Grey’s sixth season, catalyzing Izzie’s departure from the series. Well, it’s been almost a decade since then, and current Grey’s star Camilla Luddington recently shared what Izzie’s been up to in the meanwhile, at least in her opinion. Luddington, for the record, plays Alex’s post-Izzie love interest (and now-wife) Jo on Grey’s.

Speaking to Us Weekly at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, Luddington shared her musings on how Izzie might be doing in the aftermath of her relationship with Alex and job at Grey-Sloan Memorial. "What I imagine is for Izzie is she kind of thinks in terms of how Alex thinks about her," Luddington told the outlet.

And while that comment taken out of context might sound a bit problematic at first, Alex’s comments about the life he imagines for Izzie during the series’ 300th episode last year suggests Luddington just means that she hopes Izzie is thriving to the extent that Alex imagines she is. "In our 300th episode, [Alex] discussed that he hopes she has this amazing life," Luddington explained, before adding,

Fans probably remember Dr. Izzie Stevens (played by Katherine Heigl) best for her sharp wits, enormous heart (which often got her into trouble), and occasionally inappropriate responses to tragedy. Remember when she spent George’s funeral overcome by an uncontrollable fit of laughter? Then, right before her seemingly sudden departure from Grey’s during Season 6 (which, in reality, was the result of a contracting decision between Heigl and the series), Izzie got cancer, got married, got fired, and promptly got divorced in a whirlwind of events that understandably still have some viewers’ heads spinning. So it makes sense that after watching Alex get remarried to Jo during last season’s surprisingly not-catastrophic finale episode, people have also been thinking about Izzie.

Heigl, for her part, sounded pretty psyched about her Grey’s character’s ex getting remarried when she spoke to TVLine about Jo and Alex’s "I do’s" earlier this month. "Oh my god!" she replied, after having apparently heard the fictional matrimonial news for the first time. Continuing, Heigl got real sincere about her hopes for Izzie’s former beau. "Well, that’s exciting," Heigl told TV Line. "Alex needed to find love — true love."

But while real-life Heigl’s response to the news of Jo and Alex’s wedding was chock-full of good wishes, she recognizes that the same probably can’t be said for Izzie, who, the actor admitted, might be prone to bitterness or envy if presented with similar news about her ex-beau’s new love. "She’d be jealous [of Jo] for sure, right?" Heigl noted during her chat with TVLine, adding that Izzie might "want [Alex] to hold out for her."

With that being said, let’s not forget that — save those mastermind writers over at Shondaland who conceived of her character in the first place — Heigl probably knows Izzie better than pretty much anyone else does. Which is probably why she also told TVLine that predicting Izzie’s feelings re: Alex and Jo’s marriage isn’t such a black-and-white ordeal; those feelings would probably vary, depending on how Izzie is faring in her own personal life. "If she has moved on, then I would expect Izzie to be very happy for [Alex]," Heigl candidly told the outlet, before reiterating that Izzie "would want him to be happy."

Suffice to say, it seems pretty much everyone — from her fictional ex-husband to his fictional wife’s real-life counterpart — is hoping that, just like Alex, Izzie has found happiness in someone new, too. Even though Izzie Stevens is only a fictional character that once saw a pretty epic run on Grey’s, it’s still nice to imagine that she really is off in Shondaland somewhere, pursuing her medical career, starting a family, and — to borrow Luddington’s turn of phrase — generally living her best life.

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