Groom asks to borrow free wedding car then rejects Tesla because it’s too cheap

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For some couples getting married they want their big day to make an impression.

Those lucky enough to afford it may choose to splash out on luxurious venues, incredible decorations and show-stopping entertainment.

While for others the day is simply about marrying the one person you love whether it be in a castle or in your own home.

One groom-to-be clearly wanted to make a grand entrance – one that his guests would remember for a long time.

So he asked on Facebook if anyone had a car for his wedding day saying: "Looking to borrow a car for my wedding day. 12/28 will be needing it from 2pm-8pm. Thank you."

Incredibly, a friend replied saying the groom could borrow their Tesla.

Now we'd be pretty amazed if we had received this super kind offer.

The groom next asked for a picture.

And here's where things went downhill fast.

His friend sent him back a picture of the Tesla and the shocked groom told them: "…seriously? A model3? Trade it in for a Model X and then maybe I’ll consider."

Shocked by his pal's response the friend told him: "Dude it’s just an option, you don’t have to be a d*** about…"

To which the groom was having none of it and hit back: "….you offer me a mode 3 and you think I’m a d***?

And things didn't get any better when another of the groom's friends tried to help out by saying: "I will be out of town so I can’t make it to your wedding. You can borrow the M3 if you want?"

The groom said: "lol no thank you!! Looking for something at least over 100K it’s for my wedding not my 18th birthday party."

The exchange shared on Reddit's Choosing Beggars forum led to the groom being blasted for being "materialistic" and having "no manners".

One person commented: "Here is a marriage destined to fail."

While another wrote: "Some people are just arrogant a******s that lack any manners like the person in OPs post."

Somebody else said: "Imagine having someone so close to you, they would let you drive their BMW M3 and you spit in their face like that. I can't comprehend this s***.

Another groom pointed out: "We just had the wedding in the yard and didn't drive anywhere. Side of beef, keg of beer, case of wine, whole wedding cost around $2000.

"Everyone had a blast, it's having a good time that matters and not how much you spend."

And another person joked: "I am more interested in knowing what kind of 18 year old gets a BMW M3 for their birthday."

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