Here’s where all your plastic garbage goes

Ever really wondered where your plastic goes?

Each year, 18 billion pounds gets dumped into the ocean — and that’s “just the tip of the iceberg,” according to National Geographic.

Animals have been tangled up in our cotton swabs, grocery bags and other disposable items, and the magazine’s editors have had enough.

They’ve launched a campaign for their upcoming June issue — dubbed “Planet or Plastic?” — which will encourage consumers to reduce single-use plastics.

Nat Geo will be partnering with UK broadcaster Sky Media on Sky Ocean Ventures, which is “an initiative to invest in businesses that can help solve the ocean plastic crisis.”

They will be contributing “scientific expertise, grant and media muscle and $10 million to help Sky Ocean Ventures identify and champion promising projects and technologies.”

According to experts, much of the plastic that winds up in the ocean is dumped “carelessly” on land or in rivers — “mostly in Asia.” It then gets blown or washed away into the sea — with roughly 5.3 million to 14 million tons coming from coastal regions alone.

“Some people deny climate change, but there are no ocean plastic deniers,” says Nat Geo’s Laura Parker. “The problem’s in plain sight.”

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