Hilarious snaps capture dad’s laughing at the expense of their family

Are THESE the ultimate dad jokes? Children share hilarious snaps of fathers who think they’re VERY clever

  • Children shared snaps of groan-inducing ‘dad jokes’ in an online gallery 
  • One smug father bought his daughter a ‘toy Yoda’ when she asked for a ‘Toyota’ 
  • Another gifted his daughter a bar of soap because her ‘attitude stinks’  

Many of us know the feeling of being embarrassed by our parents, so spare a thought for these children who were pranked by their very smug fathers. 

People from around the world have shared examples of the most groan-inducing ‘dad jokes’ they had witnessed – and they’re sure to leave you shaking your head.

One father bought his teenager a ‘toy Yoda’ when she asked for a ‘Toyota’ for her birthday, while another gifted his daughter a bar of soap ‘because her attitude stinks’. 

Some of the snaps reveal a great deal of effort, including the father who stopped to Photoshop an image of Godzilla into the background of a selfie taken in Tokyo. 

The pictures were compiled in a hilarious gallery on Diply. Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best entries… 

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