Hilarious snaps reveal witty replies to passive aggressive messages

Take note! Hilarious snaps reveal witty replies to VERY passive aggressive messages about using another person’s mug and not replacing the toilet roll

  • These pictures show recipients of passive aggressive notes having the last laugh
  • The snaps were taken from around the world and collated by My Health Gazette
  • They show people writing own snarky responses to passive aggressive notes

For some people face-to-face confrontation can be a little intimidating – so instead they leave passive aggressive notes to get their point across.

But sometimes recipients have the last laugh after taking out a pen to write their own snarky response, as shown in these pictures from around the world and collated by My Health Gazette. 

For instance, one cheeky employee printed out a picture of Steve Jobs and stuck it to the wall after a sign warned not to ‘print large jobs’.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

Better safe than sorry! After a sign suggested changing the toilet paper wouldn’t ’cause brain damage’, one person jokingly replied that they ‘didn’t want to risk it’

Too late! These crafty co-workers were seriously dedicated to annoying their disgruntled colleague by showing a photograph of them touching the person’s cup

Showing a lot of effort! Instead of removing an empty toilet paper roll that had a passive aggressive note attached to it, one person, thought to be from the US, built a paper home around it

This passive aggressive note about housemates needing to clean up after themselves went largely ignored, with the only answer being an add-on to the list of ‘things we need’  

That wasn’t in the Bible! These co-workers were fighting over whether Jesus would have wanted them to share some Diet Coke

Bending the rules! This cheeky worker printed out a picture of Steve Jobs after being told to not ‘print large jobs’

Never-ending passive aggression! These colleagues got into a battle of sticky notes

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What a waste! One person asked ‘Why are there two?’ after being told not to use a pair of microwaves at the same time 

‘As long as I’m being accused, I might as well weigh in’, said one co-worker as they edited a passive aggressive note left for them

That’s deep! One budding philosopher appeared to be having an existential crisis when leaving this passive aggressive note

No food is safe! This group of angry workers all had their snacks stolen from the fridge – with the culprit even cheekily asking for more varied dishes to be brought in by the staff members

Not in that way! This funny employee couldn’t resist the chance to make a good pun about dating cans

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