Hollywood Outcasts: 10 Stars Who Have Been Blacklisted By Hollywood

The cancel culture, as we know it, has made it clear that they will make an example out of anyone that steps out of line in Hollywood. We’ve seen musicians who got canceled for having an opinion, so it’s not an anomaly to hear of some previously A-list actors and actresses who have ultimately met the same fate. While the reasons may vary, there is one thing that reins true: Hollywood has the power to host you or ghost you. Have you ever wondered why certain stars have been absent? Here are some familiar, famous faces that were blacklisted by Hollywood.

10 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is what you would call an elite A-list actor. With his eccentric and electrifying performances, movies like Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, and Passion of The Christ, can speak for themselves. For decades, he has produced the top quality as an actor, producer, and director. However, not even the greatest in the craft was exempt from being blacklisted by the Hollywood elite. Following a 2006 arrest for drunk driving, Gibson reportedly made an anti-Semitic rant accusing the Jews of instigating the world wars. Also, Winona Ryder, who describes herself as Jewish, accused Gibson of calling her an ‘oven dodger’ at a 1996 party, referring to the Holocaust.

9 Mon’ Nique

8 Stacy Dash

The Bronx, New York native, Stacy Dash, rose to stardom in the 90s and 2000s after her role in the movie Clueless as well as her appearance on the Fox show Outnumbered. She has starred in other movies like Mo’ Money, House Arrest, and Getting Played. However, this ‘clueless’ actress would begin going public with her political views, which put her in a category that isn’t favored by Hollywood. From around 2010 onwards, she became candid about her conservative views, which may have stepped on the toes of the more liberal Hollywood community. In 2016, Stacy confessed, “You’re tolerated only if you fit their liberal profile. I’ve been blacklisted. I don’t even get to auditions.”

7 Kirk Cameron

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Some would give anything to have that celebrities like Kirk Cameron had during his time in Hollywood; notoriety, wealth, admiration, and the teenage heartthrob of the mid-1980s and 1990s. Born in Panorama City, California, Kirk was introduced into Hollywood’s film industry at a young age, starring in sitcoms like Growing Pains, Like Father Like Son, Listen to Me, and the popular Full House. But he would abandon his early stardom after becoming an evangelical Christian, being an atheist for 20 years. He became engrossed in spreading his faith as time progressed and was officially banned from Hollywood after a CNN interview with Piers Morgan. He received dismissal and ultimate blacklisting from Hollywood after speaking against the sexual orientation of others.

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6 Brendon Fraser

popular actor in the 1990s and early 2000s, Brendan Fraser, amassed unrivaled fame and fortune in his time with classic movies like The Mummy Trilogy, Bedazzled, and Disney’s George of The Jungle. Although he has a myriad of other movies to show for his success, his discard from Hollywood movie productions during the early to mid-2000s is quite evident. According to Fraser, in 2003, he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association president, Philip Berk. He alleged that while at The Beverly Hills hotel, he was groped on the buttocks by the HFPA president and resisted. He believes his resistance got him blacklisted, and it was obvious since he was not invited back to the Golden Globes since then.

5 Jim Caviezel

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They say “like father like son,” but can the same sentiments be applied to “like cast actor, like director?” In this case, it’s close enough. Jim Caviezel, who was acclaimed for his role as Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ, seemed to have suffered the same fate as his director. After starring in the 2004 film depicting the final days of Jesus before his death and resurrection, Jim Caviezel seemed to have the proverbial door slammed in his face at every turn. Caviezel even disclosed that he was warned by Mel Gibson before shooting the film that he would be shunned by Hollywood for playing Jesus. Perhaps, that prediction came to pass?

4 Isaiah Washington

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3 Cee-Lo Green

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2 Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen has held the title of one of the best-paid actors and comedians in Hollywood ever since airing his show on CBS, Two, And A Half Men. He was reportedly earning $2 million for every episode he appeared in! That’s what you call a dream job. But Sheen would soon be harshly avoided and eventually blacklisted from Hollywood, not for any political biases, but merely for lack of accountability. He experienced several mental breakdowns due to years of heavy drug and alcohol abuse, which caused many of the prospects in the entertainment business to avoid him. After multiple rehabilitation attempts, Sheen himself put the final nail in the coffin and sealed his dismissal after publicly humiliating the sitcom’s co-creator, Chuck Lorre.

1 Vince Vaughn

Political ties undoubtedly run deep in Hollywood circles. During the Trump Presidency, the dividing line was drawn around which actors supported Trump and his administration. Vince Vaughn was one of them. And although Hollywood’s lack of desire toward Vaugn is blamed on a “lost spark” in creativity and character roleplay, the media spins a different story. Earlier in his career, he was one of the wittiest, most decorated comedians in the business, placing his signature on movies like Swingers, Wedding Crashers, and The Break-Up. But when Journalist Timothy Burke caught Vaughn and President Trump engaged in a friendly discussion, it turned heads for all the wrong reasons. It’s clear that Vince’s presidential affiliation didn’t serve in his best interest.

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