Homeowners face £1,000 fine if they forget one simple thing

HOMEOWNERS could face fines of up to £1,000 for failing to change their address when they move house.

Brits who forget to update their address for multiple services and accounts could even see bills rising to the thousands.

People who have recently moved are being warned to update accounts with their new address.

Experts say things like your internet provider and driving license are easily forgotten – but could cause a whole host of problems.

And some mistakes – like failing to update your car insurance – could land you with a £1,000 fine.

Research from Barratt Homes estimates it can cost homeowners up to £10,000 if they fail to change address over with utilities and insurances when bills roll over.

A spokesperson said: "When moving house, you are faced with the pain-staking task of updating everything with your new address.

"This will include bank cards, licenses, GPs and hey, even your Amazon account.

"It’s best if you make a list of all the most important details you must update to avoid any problems later down the line.

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"These problems could even take the form of unwanted fines, especially when you fail to update important information such as that on your car insurance.

"The amount you pay for car insurance is impacted by where you live.

"When you move house, you must update the DVLA as well as your insurance provider or else you could be dealt a fine of up to £1,000!"

The spokesperson added: "Be sure to speak to your gas, electric, water and internet providers to let them know you’re moving so you can resolve any last payments on your current property and start paying the right amount for your new one."

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