Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Saturday, June 11

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You might wish you had a magic wand to wave so everything you have to do today can be done at once. Don’t rush as this could lead to careless mistakes and less will actually be accomplished. Accept any help that is offered and deal with one job at a time.


A new side of you is emerging as you find the courage and confidence to step forward onto a new path. It could be a job, relationship or relocation, but something has come to an end as you’re about to start on a new chapter in your life.


You’ve taken on a variety of commitments and you are capable of handling them all but try not to lose track of your priorities. Stay focused on what you need to do, even if this means writing a list and ticking off each item one by one. This too will help you feel as if you are making some headway.


There are a number of exciting possibilities you and your family are considering for the future. Some ideas are unusually adventurous but don’t let caution hold you back. A neighbour will try to interfere in your business, but you are determined to keep your private life private.


You’re tempted to take the day off when really you should be working or attending to other responsibilities. It would be smarter to stick to your priorities. You really don’t want to have to handle an unnecessary crisis because you were off playing when really you should have been working.


An issue that has come between you and a partner is not something that can be fixed in a day. Be willing to talk and strive to understand each other’s points of view. It could be that your differing perspectives will provide the fuel for compromise.


You don’t have to keep pushing yourself to do things you either aren’t in the mood for or don’t feel up to. If you aren’t feeling too good, surely it won’t hurt if you leave all that is unimportant until tomorrow or even later.


Special moments shared with someone you love will make you feel so lucky. Are you single? There are indications of fun and excitement in store on the romantic front. If you sense someone is interested in you and you would like to get to know them, let them know it.


Awareness and adaptability is the key to change. Sudden developments could mean the postponement of plans that were important to you. Slow down your reactions to emotional news. You need time to think about it. Avoid overcommitting by putting too much on your agenda. You need some space for yourself.


Someone thinks they can lie to you and get away with it. You usually are too sensible for anyone to be able to mislead you, but their behaviour could put your relationship at risk and you find this thought quite scary. Just be sure to double-check facts before jumping to a possible false conclusion.


Working in a group is fine if you get on well with everyone. If it seems as if others are going faster and faster, keeping up with them could be a struggle. Or it may be that the speed everyone else appears to be going at is a reflection of your boredom.


The pace of events is increasing rapidly. Even so, you will process them fast enough mentally so you can respond with confidence. A mystery you have been trying to resolve is growing more complicated. The plot thickens and you won’t give in until you get answers.

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