How Black Women Can Conquer Fibroids And Menopause

Fibroids are a common occurrence among Black women. So common, in fact, that 90% of us will develop them at some point in our lives. However, we can recognize them and make the necessary lifestyle changes to stop fibroids in their tracks.

In a conversation during 2021 Essence Virtual Wellness House Summit, Coach Gessie Thompson, fibroids activist and founder of, explained that fibroids are “smooth muscle tumors that develop in and around the uterus.” They are known to cause symptoms like heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and at worse, even infertility.

The tendency for Black women to develop fibroids more frequently and severely than white women is due to a number of factors like diet, stress levels, and environment. Coach Gessie, through her proprietary program, implements detox thinking and detox eating to help Black women minimize their risk factors for fibroids.

Next up, Denise Pines, Founder of WisePause Lifestyle Summit, explains the effects of menopause in Black women. She explains that menopause is the end of a woman’s child-rearing years. Classic symptoms include night sweats, fatigue, anxiety, thinning hair and mood changes. Though its often believed that hormone deficiency is the catalyst for these symptoms, environmental factors play an even bigger role.

Check out the full conversation with Coach Gessie and Lifestyle Editor Jasmine Grant in the video above.

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