How Many Calories Does An Orgasm Really Burn?

The ever-popular Well Necessities series returned to our first virtual ESSENCE Wellness House of 2021! This time, we checked in with Black women from around the world to put their knowledge of healthcare statistics, nutrition, pregnancy and more to the test!

Multi-media personality Rashan Ali lead the way as our first three contestants answered questions about the effects of too much alcohol on our organs, which disease is the leading cause of death among Black women in the U.S., and the number of calories burned during an orgasm. Watch the video above to see who nailed it.

Our next two contestants responded to questions around the fetal heartbeat and the risks of smoking after being treated for breast cancer. Check out the video above to hear their responses.

Up next, three of our ladies tested their knowledge with trivia questions related to hot yoga, the effects of technology on our sleeping patterns, and the transmission of the cornavirus. Press play above to hear their answers.

Our final three ladies answered questions related to the different types of superfoods, the different types of diabetes and how smoking effects a diabetes diagnosis. Check out the video above to watch.

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