How to Combat Burnout and Infuse a Little Bit of Fun Into Your Day-to-Day

Even though we’re spending so much more time at home, burnout is a real thing — maybe even more so than when we were heading to the office every day. When your entire life takes place within the confines of your home, that feeling of cabin fever can come on strong. So to make your living space/home office/workout studio/home bar a little more exciting and a little less claustrophobic, we’ve rounded up a few key ways to bring fun into your day-to-day. Keep reading for some essential tips, and then try them out for yourself.

Music makes such a difference in your overall mood and can really affect the vibe of whatever activity you’re doing. For instance, you’re likely going to want a specific set of tunes for your morning meditation versus the high-energy beats to inspire you to finally tackle deep cleaning your living room. So spend some time curating a handful of playlists that suit different moods. From songs that lull you to sleep after a hectic day to jams that pump you up when you need some motivation to finish a big project and chill vibes for your socially distant outdoor picnic, make the music work for you.

Sometimes after a stressful meeting or when you’re mid-project, you just need a break. Specifically: a break doing something that’s going to make you smile. And what’s better than cute animals doing funny things?! Block off some time on your calendar so that your coworkers know not to schedule a meeting or ping you with a million questions, step away from your computer, and just indulge in a cuteness overload. Scroll through TikTok, head over to a site like The Dodo for a gagillion options, or — even better — play with your own pet! Because there’s nothing better than a puppy break.

We know that working out at home for the past year (!!) has become a little tedious. Even if you’ve built a routine that works for you, there’s always room to spice it up and try out new ways to make your sweat sesh a little more fun. So, tap a workout buddy and choose the workout for them. Here’s how it works: set a schedule (i.e., three days a week or Saturday mornings, etc.), create a list of workouts you like to do (and have your buddy do the same), exchange lists, and then surprise each other with what workout you’ll each be doing that day. The added element of surprise, plus having a workout buddy to hold you accountable, makes each workout a bit more exciting.

Sick of cooking for yourself for every meal? Yeah, us too. If you’re getting a little burnt out from all the different ways to make pasta, switch things up a bit and try out baking. Sure, it’s still in the overall realm of cooking, but baking is an art unto itself. There are so many nuances and different ways to use ingredients. Even something as simple as bread can be tricky (hello, proving!), so get into it! Start simple and work your way up to more complicated bakes. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even drop off your latest creations for your friends — trust us, they’ll be way more excited for a basket of cinnamon rolls than a casserole.

Is there anything more luxurious than a bath in the middle of the day? When you’re feeling stressed out or just need a little pampering, a good soak will do the trick. We’d even suggest using your day off to make the experience into a full spa day. Add your favorite bath salts and oils, light a beautiful scented candle or burn some incense, turn on some soothing music, and sip on a delicious beer like Corona Premier®. Bonus points if you add on a hydrating face or eye mask. After your bath, make sure the effects last by giving yourself a massage using a skin-loving body balm or lotion. The stress will melt away in no time.

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