Hugh Laurie net worth: How much is the Roadkill and House star Hugh Laurie worth?

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Hugh Laurie is a well-known actor who has recently taken on a new role as a Conservative government minister in the BBC series Roadkill.

He plays Peter Laurence, a Transport Secretary who is caught up in a number of scandals that could see him risk his job.

Fans are keen to find out how much actor Laurie is worth, and has everything you need to know.

How much is the Roadkill and House star Hugh Laurie worth?

Hugh Laurie is an English actor who has many other talents under his belt, including directing, singing and writing.

He is best known for his role as the title character in the medical drama series House, for which he won two Golden Globe Awards.

In 2011 he was listed as the most watched leading man on TV in the Guinness Book of Records, and he was one of the highest-paid actors of that year.

He was earning around £250,000 ($322,000) per episode of House, and he has starred in plenty of other series since.

Laurie, 61, won another Golden Globe award for his role in The Night Manager in 2016, and he is also recognised as part of the comedy double act Fry and Laurie with Stephen Fry.

His net worth to date is a staggering $45 Million (£40 million), and with his acting career still going strong, that figure is only expected to rise.

The Oxford-born actor has three siblings, and his father was an Olympic rowing champion. Both of his parents are of Scottish descent.

Laurie, like his father, had started learning to row but he had to give up the sport due to an illness and he took up drama.

He joined Cambridge Footlights where he met actress Emma Thompson, who introduced him to his now-comedy partner Fry.

The actor and Blues musician is married to Jo Green and he has three children.


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