If You Wanna Cuddle Pigs for a Good Cause, Road Trip It to South Carolina

If you’ve ever wanted to cuddle pigs for a good cause, today is your DAY. An ad posted on Facebook by a South Carolina rescue farm is seeking volunteers to socialize about 100 rescue pigs to get them ready for adoption, according to The New York Post.

Socialization of the piggies requires belly scratches, feeding them cookies, and talking to the piglets, which TBH, sounds just as fun for the “emotional support” human as it would be for the pigs. Like, how is each new task somehow more joyful than the previous one? I would love to have a conversation with a pig!

The comments on the post are legit delightful, and probs the purest corner of the internet you can find today. One person responded that she’d love to volunteer while she visits family in town, even if it’s just for a day. The rest of the comments are people genuinely jazzed and tagging their friends and family to check out the cuddling opp.

Apparently, piggies are also way easier to house train than dogs, the Executive Director of the Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary told reporters, which makes them a prime animal to adopt. Honestly, even if they weren’t, how rare is it to get to hug some potbellied cuddlebugs for a good cause?

Socialization is so important pre-adoption for any animal. Having exposure to people and different surroundings cuts down on any anxiety issues that might arise. For piglets in particular, the merits of socialization have actually been scientifically studied as beneficial to their behavior throughout their lives.

BASICALLY, I’m already convinced, and if anyone wants to give me a ride to South Carolina pronto before these babies go, I’ll pay for gas.

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