I'm a guy, 18, and my mum's older, married cousin comes onto me hard

She got me in a corner at a family do and said how handsome I was. Then she was asking me if I’m sexually active and whether I’m interested in older women.

I was really embarrassed and didn’t reply. I moved out of that corner as fast as I could.

Later that evening she sent me a text asking if we could meet for a drink. I blocked her and didn’t reply.

How do I get her to leave me alone? Should I tell my mum about this? The woman must know what she is doing is wrong.

DEIDRE SAYS: So far you’ve played a blinder and done the right thing. I hope that by blocking her she’s now got the message.

If you do find yourself face-to-face, tell her quietly but bluntly that she’s already married and too old for you – and that you’ll talk to your parents if this carries on.

My e-leaflet Standing Up For Yourself can help.

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