Influencer shares candid snap of belly bloat that made her feel ‘gross’

Body positive influencer Karina Irby has revealed the reality of having belly bloat – and has confessed that it has made her feel “disgusting.”

The Australian beauty often shares uplifting content to her 1.2 million Instagram followers – and is not shy about flaunting her tum and skin dimples on her bum.

But despite her confidence boosting posts, Karina has admitted that she has recently suffered a bad bout of bloating that has sometimes left her feeling worse for wear.

The 32-year-old has proven that even those who appear full of vibrancy on social media, also struggle with their own issues in real life.

In a candid snap recently posted to her Instagram, Karina sat posed as she knelt on her knees and held her bloated tum.

The swimwear designer wore a plunging bikini and hiked up the matching bottoms to her waist.

She explained in the post: “BLOATED OR…

“Seriously though I’ve been so bloated no thanks to this stomach bug I was starting to wonder when my last period was.

“As normal and common as bloating is, I still have moments where I feel either… ugly, gross and disgusting.

“Worried there’s something more wrong with me.”

Although Karina is usually the one helping others with their insecurities, she has admitted that fellow body positive influencers have helped her come to terms with her own belly bloat.

She added: “But seeing more people posting about there bloats have helped me SO much over the years so here mine.
“Hopefully for a deflation ASAP.”

Appreciating Karina’s honesty, many people fled to the comments to thank her for speaking about it so candidly.

One person commented: “Always so gorgeous”

Another user added: “Beautiful, even bloated, nothing to feel ashamed of!”

A third person voiced: “Thanks for letting me know my body is normal.”

Someone else praised: “You gorgeous and a beam of light in a dark cold world… thank you for sharing yourself with us girl.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person declared: “You’re an angel. Bloating is so bloody uncomfortable. Hope you deflate soon.”

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