Insta Couple Crush Of The Week: Karl And Cassie Lokko's Wedding Photos Went Viral, And Nothing But Blessings Have Followed

In July of 2016, Cassandra and Karl Lokko’s London wedding photos went viral and nearly broke the Internet. 

There was no escaping their beautiful photos proving that they were definitely woke and in love. 

Now the couple is expecting their first child together and we checked in with the couple about life after their wedding photos went viral and what they’ve learned along the way. 

1. What made you decide to share your love with the ‘Gram?

Well, in the beginning, we would share photos of each other on anniversaries, special occasions, and whenever we were geographically separated for a holiday/work trip without each other.  Our wedding photos naturally fell into the special occasion bracket and we felt compelled to share our personal ‘I dos’ with our Instagram friends. We had absolutely no clue they would go viral! 

2. What do your followers love most about your love story? What do you feel inspires them?

I think they love our stories individually and our journey as a couple. Karl is an ex-gang member who got out of the life and shares his story of going from a caterpillar to a butterfly via the cocoon of love. Also, he was a council estate frequent and true ‘Brixton Boy’ but now he works philanthropically with the Branson family and does activism globally. Just before we got married, my mum passed away from cancer and I had been very broken. We had lost so much but our wedding the following year was a testament to the power of our love. I believe these are the factors that allowed people to really connect with our union. So many really feel they were part of the journey while watching our wedding video. 

3. Is there anything you’ve decided together NOT to share? Why?

Karl and I are both quite transparent so we are both inclined to share our highs and lows. I wouldn’t say we share everything because at particular times keeping things confidential and need to know helps to protect us. Photographs tend to be for the best moments and that’s just the culture of the gram. We both enjoy being purely in the moment from time to time so camera phones/social media don’t feature, we personally want some things to just be about us.

4. Share one of your most liked photos together and a funny story behind the photo!

This photo was at my wedding, one of my page boys picked a flower and handed it to me. He then told me I looked like a beautiful princess it was his way of paying me a compliment, such a pure exchange. No one had instructed him too it was all organic, the fact our photographer Joel Smedley had captured it was just by chance!

5. How did you meet/fall in love.

We met at Church, became great friends and realized we had so much in common! We mutually began to see we could potentially be an item and with that being said Karl was definitely the main instigator! From the very beginning we accepted we were both novices in this thing called love but we were willing to give it our best and believed tomorrow would definitely be ours. 

6. What’s the glue that makes your love stick?

Knowing we are growing every day! We acknowledge that hard times are inevitable but we make a conscious effort to focus on the sunshine rather than the rain. Daily we learn to unlearn and re-learn what ‘love’ truly is. We know it’s a lot more than the gooey feeling of affection but love endures and even when at times we don’t like each other we can still love each other! 

Tbt when we took over the Mr Whippy ice-cream van! ❤️

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7. Pass on the love: Whose your IG couple crush and why?

@TeamSwoduel! We are friends and as a couple, they have taught us so much and what you see is what you get with them! 

8. What do you believe is unique/most inspiring about your love story?

It’s a story birthed in pain but our faith and love for God has given us hope and given so many others a renewed belief in young black love. Although life throws so much we can overcome and not just overcome but become something so much greater than what our past dictates as a couple and individually.

Words aren't sufficient. Honestly, this girl means the world to me. One year in… it's not a straight line we walk in but we walk it together by grace. I have to be honest I don't see Cassandra, I only see me. Whenever and wherever you see her, know that's me! My wife, my rib, my soulmate. – I've eaten meals with literal (edible) gold on the plate, travelled in private jets with better seating than a living room, been applauded & cheered on by 10s of thousands in stadiums full of people, moved into my dream place to live. But I still haven't found an experience that rivals laying down in bed with @cassiex1x and hearing her heart beat every night. My Queen! Thank you for dealing with the complicated man they call Karl Lokko! – Happy Anniversary ❤️??❤️??!!!!!!!! I pray I'm able to say that at least another 60 times!!!!!! – #lokkedin #anniversary #celebrate ##Godflow – ?: @smedleyshots

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9. If your love story was an Instagram caption, what would it be?

We were saved by love and so we worship love. #LOKKEDIN

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