Instagram account claims to expose influencers' true appearance

So much for natural beauty! Instagram account that claims to expose influencers’ REAL appearance reveals how different they look without heavy make-up or Photoshopping

  • The Beauty False Instagram account shared ‘reality vs Instagram’ photographs
  • Aims to show how influencers look without layers of make-up and lots of editing
  • Hilarious online gallery of the best examples was compiled by Bored Panda 

Everyone likes to look their best when sharing images of themselves online – but these Instagram users took it a step too far and have been called out for it.

The Russian-based Beauty False account posts ‘Instagram versus reality’ photographs to showcase how some influencers have completely overhauled their natural appearance when uploading snaps to their profile.

Alongside a variety of glamorous pictures, the account claims to share the same image of the person but without layers of make-up or excessive editing.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the most shocking examples, compiled by Bored Panda…  

A Russian influencer is pictured left wearing layers of make-up, while the right image apparently showcases her without any edits

An image of another social media star shows her with a noticably more sculpted waist in a beach snap 

A glamorous Russian model poses on Instagram, pictured left, before being captured candidly in real life, pictured right

This Canadian blogger, pictured left in an Instagram snap, appears to massively alter her appearance, which is seen right, reportedly in real life

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This Russian model looks very glammed up, left, while the Instagram account claims the image on the right is of her in real life

Captured wearing a full face of make-up, left, this Russian beauty appears more natural when captured in real life, right

Jelena Karleuša Tošić, a Serbian singer and TV personality, pictured on social media, left, and in real life, right

A YouTuber, from Lincoln, England, is captured using an adorable filter, left, while she appears more natural in the right image

An influencer based in Thailand admits to editing her snaps on her social media accounts, sharing both the left and right images with a significantly altered waistline

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