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When last season of Vanderpump Rules wrapped, all seemed to be copacetic with at least one cast member. Viewers met SUR’s new hostest, Billie Lee. She was a welcoming new face manning the front desk and making friends left and right.

Part of Lee’s storyline was that she is transgender, which actually seemed to be a non-storyline. The cast didn’t appear to make a big deal out of the situation and acceptance was widespread. As Lee became closer with the cast and integrated more into the show, viewers eagerly anticipated her return to season seven.

However, her time at SUR may be limited as not all is well in SUR-land. What happened since viewers last saw Lee?

She’s suddenly being shunned

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Girls trip! Na na na na ?

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Girls trip! Na na na na ?

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Girls trip! Na na na na

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Lee is being left out of a number of SUR girls’ trips and parties, according to Radar Online. “Billie keeps trying to go on cast trips and hang out with the rest of them, but she is continuously not invited,” an inside source said. “She just feels out of place and like she is not part of the storyline.”

In fact, she’s working at the restaurant more than the other cast members as she struggles to make connections. But she’s having a hard time, as the SUR women went on a girls’ trip and Lee was visibly missing. She addressed being snubbed on Twitter in July when the ladies scheduled a girls’ night out and didn’t invite her. “When yo coworkers don’t include the only trans girl in GIRLS night at your own job! On the night you work!”

But others say this

Another insider source told Radar Online there’s a reason Lee is excluded. “She feels like she is never included on any of the girls’ getaways, which is kind of true. But it’s her own fault and it has nothing to do with her being transgender.”

The real reason is Lee is trying to create a storyline for herself so she’s picking fights with everyone, the source said. “Billie has been trying to come up with storylines since she started on the show, and she now just picks fights with everyone to try and remain relevant.”

Recently, Lee posted to her Instagram, “Realizing people aren’t meant for you and not resenting them. Growth.”

She seems to still be tight with these cast members

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Not all of the cast members have turned their back on Lee. “Scheana [Marie] has been trying to include Billie and invites her on her podcast. That’s because Scheana knows more than anyone what it is like to be outcast, the insider told Radar Online. Plus Marie posted a picture on Instagram with Lee in May with the caption, “My light! So thankful for you boo.”

Also, Lee held an event in August with Tom Tom co-owner Tom Sandoval and DJ James Kennedy. And tweeted about Sandoval for his birthday in July. “Happy birthday to the guy who literally accepts everyone and makes this planet a better place! I love you.”

Is she quitting SUR?

The Radar Online source says Lee is close to quitting after season seven. “At this point, she is considering calling it quits because it is not healthy for her,” the source told Radar Online. “It’s gotten to the point where she is just hanging out with Jesse Montana because she has no one else. And he thinks that she is just kissing his ass!”

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