Ivanka Trump Ridiculed Over Boris Johnson Tweet

“Congratulations @BorisJohnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston.”

Her dad Donald recently boasted about meeting the "Prince of Whales".

And on Tuesday Ivanka Trump received similar levels of ridicule when she congratulated Boris Johnson on being named the next Prime Minister of the "United Kingston".

The first daughter quickly deleted and corrected her misspelled message, but not quick enough to prevent Twitter users from screenshotting it forever.

"Kingston" soon became a trending topic, as social media compared her spelling ability to that of the President himself.

The POTUS is renowned for his Twitter gaffes, "Cheif Hostage Negotiator", "Hamberder", "Unpresidented", "Smocking" and the infamous "Covfefe" tweets among the more famous examples.

Johnson, a somewhat colorful but divisive character in British politics, won the leadership race for the ruling Conservative party on Tuesday, and will therefore replace outgoing Theresa May as Prime Minister.

He will be charged with navigating the treacherous Brexit waters, as Britain attempts once again to pull cleanly out of the European Union, which has been a choppy affair to say the least.

Since voting to leave exactly three years and one month ago, the deadline for withdrawal has continuously been pushed back — with October 31, 2019 the latest target.

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