JAY-Z Mourns XXXTentacion & Slams George Zimmerman In Surprise Verse On Drake’s Album

JAY-Z and Drake team up for a powerful, new track ‘Talk Up’ on Drizzy’s new album, Scorpion and it’s got a strong message! Listen to JAY rap about the tragic shooting death of XXXTentacion and more…

Drake, 30, and JAY-Z, 48, are the perfect duo to address real world issues on Drizzy’s new double album, Scorpion, which dropped on June 29. The rap vets team up on the track “Talk Up,” where JAY mourns XXXTentacion, 20, who was gunned down in Florida and died on June 18, just 10 days before the release of Scorpion. JAY’s lyrics ( as seen below) reference how the “streets” targeted XXXTentacion, while allowing George Zimmerman, who murdered Trayvon Martin in February 2012, to remain unscathed. JAY raps: “Y’all killed X and let Zimmerman live, streets is done,”  at the end of his verse, which closes out the track. — Listen to “Talk Up” below! 

Here’s JAY’s full verse: Yo, get close enough to HOV, smell like a kilo still / First album 26, I ain’t need no deal / Already a hood legend, I ain’t need no shine / First Rollie flooded out, I ain’t see no time, woah / Stand-up niggas, we only duckin’ indictments / Dope boys, off-white, lookin’ like soft white on ’em, heh / You know what I’m sayin’? / We in the buildin’, we came for a billion, ain’t nobody playin’ / Live every word that I’m rappin’ / Said I lost 90 bricks and it happened / You probably wouldn’t believe everything that you seein’ right now if it wasn’t live action / I ain’t on the ‘Gram, they record who I am / God to these dope boys, how you not be a HOV fan? / I’m what Meech shoulda been / I’m what Supreme didn’t become / If Alpo didn’t snitch, niggas’ll be like Young / I got your president tweetin’, I won’t even meet with him / Y’all killed X, let Zimmerman live, streets is done;

Scorpion, a 25-track double album, also features Nicki Minaj, Future, Ty Dolla $ign, Static Major, and an unreleased track with Michael Jackson. Drizzy’s songs “God’s Plan,” “Nice for What,” and “I’m Upset,” are all part of the new album.

Drizzy’s album is full of confessions, with the biggest one being that he does indeed have a son. For months, there’s been speculation that he fathered a love child with porn star, Sohpie Brussaux. Drake never addressed the then-reports until now. He confesses that he has a son on the track, “Emotionless” where he explains: “Look at the way we live / I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid / From empty souls who just wake up and look to debate / Until you staring at your seed you could never relate;

Drake has not confirmed who the mother of his child is.

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