Jenni "J Woww" Farley Just Filed a Restraining Order Against Her Husband

On Thursday night, Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley allegedly got into a verbal fight with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Roger Mathews, and later filed a restraining order against him.

According to Mathews, who filmed several Instagram videos in the back of police car last night, Farley was “hysterically shouting” at him as they argued about her going back to work. Mathews alleged Farley threatened to call the police during their argument, but Mathews ended up calling them himself. According to the Toms River Police Department, they arrived at Farley and Mathews’ home at around 1 a.m. “for a civil matter.”

In one of the videos, Mathews alleged:

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This is the level my ex wife takes it to after telling my kids their dad is a piece of shit and she’s sorry she ever had children with him. She gets so emotional and irrational in her anger this is the level she brings it too. Saddest day of my life watching her tell my daughter “she is sorry she had children with your daddy”. The truth will come out. The truth will set you free. I will never stop fighting for my kids.

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Mathews said that after the police left, he went to record a podcast, came back home, fell asleep, and didn’t talk to Farley the rest of the night. Then, according to Mathews, he was allegedly woken up by the police at 2 a.m. and removed from his home because Farley had filed a restraining order against him.

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Reality is stranger than fiction. You guys are about to learn the truth and I promise you. You aren’t ready. The truth is my greatest asset. There is no my truth, there is only THE truth.

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A spokesperson for the police department told People, “Mr. Mathews was served with a Temporary Restraining Order and provided transportation to another location.”

Farley posted a statement on her Instagram account on Friday morning confirming she had contacted a judge because “it was in her best interests, and the best interests of her children.”

Farley also alluded to Mathews’ videos and wrote, “Any statements and social media posts depicting anything to the contrary are entirely false, misleading and intentionally designed to cast Jenni in a negative light.”

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Farley and Mathews have a 4-year-old daughter, Meilani Alexandra, and a 2-year-old son, Greyson Valor. The couple filed for divorce on September 12 due to “irreconcilable differences,” but he said he vowed to win her back.

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