Jennifer Lopez's Makeup Artist Uses an $11 Drugstore Product to Give Her Glowing Skin

Jennifer Lopez’s glow is legendary. She even has a perfume called Glow by J. Lo. From movie roles (she recently starred in Hustlers where she had to pole dance) and interviews to red carpet events, the 50-year-old always is always lit from within and shiny (in a good way). Of course, people have been wondering how the World of Dance judge achieves her glow and how they can get it for themselves. 

Now the wondering is over. 

J. Lo’s longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes  — he and the mother of two have been working together for 20 years — revealed in a YouTube video with Tati Westbrook, what drugstore (yes, drugstore) product he uses to give J. Lo glowing skin, according to Allure. 

Scott Barnes on how to get glowing skin like J. Lo

While doing Westbrook’s makeup in a video the YouTuber shared on March 18, 2019, Barnes casually revealed the drugstore product he applies on Lopez to give her glowing skin and sun protection. 

It all happened near the 17-minute mark in the video below. 

He responded to a question from one of Westbrook’s Twitter followers. Hesitant at first, Barnes took a sip of Pellegrino before answering (the wait probably felt like an eternity for Westbrook). When asked to name his favorite drugstore product, he reached in his kit off-camera and pulled out: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray SPF 30.

“My favorite drugstore product is Neutrogena,” Barnes said. “I use this Neutrogena spray.”

His answer shocked Westbrook who has nearly 10 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and left her nearly speechless. 

When the Seattle native asked him why he liked the product, he let the product speak for itself by misting some on her chest and shoulders.

“Look — super glow,” Barnes said. 

If that wasn’t enough to blow the minds of glow-getters everywhere, he told the YouTuber she could do without another product. 

“Forget the M.A.C. setting spray,” he said picking it up. Not only does Neutrogena’s sunscreen provide sun protection and an undeniable glow to the skin, it keeps makeup in place. And it only costs $11 at the drugstore. Excuse us while we buy Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Lightweight Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 in bulk. 

Other ways Lopez gets glowing skin

The star of Hustlers doesn’t rely solely on sunscreen for glowing skin. Lopez has been candid about taking care of herself, which for her, means not drinking alcohol or caffeine and staying out of the sun.

Plus, she exercises regularly — just look at her toned abs — and steers clear of junk food except for the occasional chocolate chip cookie. She’s been known to munch on fruits and vegetables and carry around with her a “blingy cup” full of water that she refills throughout the day. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Start drinking water from a “blingy cup” and applying Neutrogena’s sunscreen for a J. Lo-level glow.

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