‘Jersey Shore’: Angelina Admits She’d ‘Bang’ Pauly & He Offers To Have Sex With Her

Pauly D’s been spreading a rumor that Vinny and Angelina hooked up on ‘Jersey Shore,’ but it was HIM who was grinding all over her in the club on the Sept. 20 episode!

A wild night out lead to some pretty questionable decisions for Pauly D on the Sept. 20 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. With his BFF, Vinny Guadagnino, back at home because of his uncle’s death, Pauly was feeling quite lonely in Las Vegas, and decided to get wildly drunk at the club to cope. As the evening wore on, he even started grinding with Angelina Pivarnick on the dance floor! “I think Pauly’s a great guy!” Angelina admitted. “I think he’s cute, he’s tan, he’s got muscles, he’s got tattoos. If I was a single girl, I probably would bang Pauly.”

Of course, Angelina is not a single girl — she got engaged to Chris Larangeira back in January. Things still got pretty steamy between her and Pauly, though, as he lifted her off the ground and she straddled him in the air. “When you get engaged, you really don’t dance with another guy like that,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said. “I definitely think Angelina loves her fiance, but she doesn’t know when she crosses the line. I feel like she needs a one on one less on how to be a good fiancee.”

Somehow, Angelina and Pauly ended up alone together in the cab home, and his drunken thoughts spilled out. “Angelina, I’ll be honest with you — if you wanna have sex with me, let me know,” he told her. “I’d do it!” You know what they say: A drunken mind speaks a sober heart!

When the roommates got back to the hotel, though, Pauly was in no state to hookup with anybody, and he wound up passing out on the couch. He didn’t even remember anything that went down between himself and Angelina until the next night, and at that point, everyone was able to joke about it.

The flirtation between Angelina and Pauly is pretty interesting, as Pauly just revealed in an interview earlier this week that he thought Vinny and Angelina may have actually hooked up. “I believe it,” he told OK! magazine. “I don’t know — I believe it!” Vinny and Angelina haven’t commented on the rumors, but Pauly sure did seem pretty sure! Perhaps he was just trying to deflect the attention off himself…

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