Jewelry store gets set to move 400 watches to daylight savings time

While most of us have a couple clocks in our houses that require a change come Sunday morning, Independent Jewelers on Notre Dame Avenue has more than 400 watches to worry about.

“We set them all manually every six months. It gives us a chance to go through and look at our inventory,” said the store’s watch brand manager Carl Dyck.

Carl Dyck, the watch brand manager of Independent Jewelers on Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg, Man.

As most would guess the exercise to be rather boring, Dyck enjoys the times in the fall and the spring when the time changes.

“I enjoy watches, especially the new pieces we get in, it’s a joy to change the date and times on them,” Dyck continued.

The store’s owner, Jeremy Epp, said the team effort provides his employees an opportunity to get familiar with what’s in stock.

“Hopefully we’ll be all done by tomorrow. Somebody can spend a whole day and still not get through it on their own, so it’s usually three or four people that work on it.”

While they hope to wrap up tomorrow, they’ll be right back at it again in October.

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