John Oliver's 2018 Warning to Meghan Markle Against Royal Marriage Resurfaces

“They’re an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo-job. That’s what she’s marrying into.”

He may have served as royal advisor to King Mufasa — but he certainly wouldn’t marry into a monarchy.

John Oliver’s ominous 2018 warning to Megan Markle about her future in-laws went viral this week in the wake of her explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

In February of that year, three months before she tied the knot with Prince Harry, the “Last Week Tonight” host was himself a guest on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, when he was asked about the impending royal wedding.

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“I would not blame her if she pulled out of this at the last minute,” he said.

“I don’t think you need to have just seen the pilot episode of ‘The Crown’ to get a basic sense of that she might be marrying into a family that could cause her some emotional complications.”

The host questioned: “But this generation seems like nice people, they’re all nice now… right?”

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“…. Yeah,” Oliver replied after a pause, not sounding entirely convinced by his own answer.

“They’re an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo-job,” he continued. “That’s what she’s marrying into. So I hope she likes it. It’s going to be weird for her.”

“I would not marry into the royal family. I’m a commoner. I would not be welcomed — especially after what I’ve just said.”

While Oliver conceded he theoretically could get a knighthood from the Queen, she was probably ripping that up after watching the interview.

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“There we go,” he said, imitating Her Majesty tearing up said knighthood. “Insolent little bastard, you’re not coming now, are you?”

The old clip was shared thousands more times on social media, with YouTube commenters stunned by the accuracy of his prediction, with one describing it as “almost Simpson level”.

“Damn, he really hit the nail on the head regarding Meghan Markle’s future in the RF,” one wrote.

“John Oliver: I hope she likes it! Narrator: She did not like it,” another joked.

“audience laughing, but john oliver’s face when he’s warning about marrying into the family is dead serious – he wasn’t kidding and now we know…” a third pointed out.

“This video is aging like a Stradivarius violin,” a fourth commented.

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